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With this cycle intended to inform future professionals, the implications and impact of the principles of equal opportunities in the field of gender and disability, promote values of respect and appreciation of diversity through knowledge and reflection on the right to equal opportunities, form and raise awareness of the social and everyday reality for women with disabilities, and spread knowledge about the possibilities for social and educational inclusion from the communicative perspective, ethics and technology.


Wednesday March 7th, 2012

10:00 h. INAUGURATION OF THE CONFERENCE. Speakers: José Vicente Cabezuelo Pliego, Vice-Rector for students, Catalina Iliescu, Director of Alicante Town University Venue; Joan Planells Almerich, President of the CERMI CV; and María José Rodríguez Jaume, Director of the UA equality unit.

10:30 h. EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN. UNIT AND CARE OF PEOPLE WITH UNIT. María Asunción Martínez Román, Professor of College of Social work and social services school UA.

12:00 h. Roundtable THE EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL AND SOCIAL IDENTITY OF THE CAREGIVER. Joaquina Murcia Rodríguez, technical support center to the student UA; Alfonso Rodriguez Hurtado, President of FEAFESCV and President of AFEMA; Elvira Anton Reguero, platform representative of the Alicante unit; Elvira Montes Álvarez, Coordinator of the Association of affected ERDF Comunidad Valenciana and Marfan syndrome; and Natalia Sabater Carrasco, Commission member of women CERMI CV by Apanah.


Friday March 9th, 2012

10:00 h. EQUAL ALSO LEARN: QUESTION OF EDUCATION. Elena Simón Rodríguez, Professor of secondary and Professor of French. Founder of the Feminario of Alicante (Group of studies on the social problems of gender). Presented by: Nicholas Beltrán Sogorb, President Association of people affected by the Marfan syndrome (SIMA).

11:30 h. Roundtable TEACHING AND LEARNING EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL. Jasone Mondragón Lasagabaster, Professor of Social Psychology UA; Cristina Pérez Sánchez, PhD in psychology and Director of the center of eleven educational resources; Josefina Rodriguez Bravo, special education classroom teacher C.C. Augustinians; Mª. Fernanda Chocomeli, responsible for service to students with disabilities of the UMH; and Nicolás Beltrán Sogorb, President Association of people affected by the Marfan syndrome (SIMA).


Wednesday March 14th, 2012

10:00 h. THE BARRIERS MENTALLY BEFORE THE DISABILITIES OF WOMEN. Agustín Bueno Bueno, Professor of Social Psychology UA.

11:30 h. Workshop THE WOMEN SOCIAL IMAGE WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES: BUILDING A NEW DISCOURSE. Clarisa Ramos Feijoo, Professor Department of Social work and social services UA.


Friday March 16th, 2012

10:00 h. Roundtable THE CURRENT SITUATION OF WOMEN WITH DISABILITIES: NEEDS AND DEMANDS I. Mª. José Rodríguez Jaume, Director of equality unit of the UA; Isabel Manero Pérez, President of APSA; Belén González Herrero, Head Department services social eleven; Josefina Juste Cuesta, Coordinator of the Commission of women of the CERMI VC; and Asunción Fenoll Cerdá, responsible for the Office of information, management and advice. Elche City Hall.

12:00 h. Roundtable THE CURRENT SITUATION OF WOMEN WITH DISABILITIES: NEEDS AND DEMANDS II. Patricia Soler Javaloy, Coordinator technical Observatory of disability and technical support centre to the student UA; Carolina Galiana Sanchís, Vice-President FESORD CV Alicante Provincial agency; Fidela Mirón, Representative of the Commission of women of COCEMFE Alicante; and Núria Jiménez Dobon, Coordinator Department Social work AFEMA.


Wednesday March 21st, 2012

10:00 h. EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, DIVERSITY AND OCCUPATION. Carmen Mañas Viejo, Professor Titular of University of the Department of educational psychology and didactics UA. CEM Centre for women's studies.

11:30 h. Roundtable WOMEN WITH HIGH QUALIFICATION, EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES AND EMPLOYMENT POSSIBILITIES. Esther Gallego Baeza, technician of the Centre of support to the student UA; Raquel Suriá, Professor Department of communication and Social Psychology; Laura Soler Azorín, PhD University of Alicante; Beatriz Roman Ruiz, graduate in English Philology UA; Mª. José Garcia Escolano, graduate in biology; Caterina Soriano i Asensio, degree in Catalan Philology; and Teresa Herrero Ortín, psychologist Institute of Los Montesinos.

13:30 h. CLOSING.



2 Credits CECLEC.


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