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Newly completed ten years of this Commission and savouring the good times we have experienced along the same, seems that it came the time highlight the tool that this Committee of the Church of Estevan makes him approaching this headquarters, so plural and as academic at the same time, so in his role and so the role of othersespecially of the last of the world, as the last Maissonave prize has been highlighted. We are talking about the tool of the dialogue, and that one day to this diverse group, that we are this Commission we commissioned we potenciáramos. We don't know if we have taken positions. We do know that people have come. These we are and this year in those we want to continue with such controversial issues as the present.


Wednesday March 7th, 2012

FIDELITAT LINGUISTICS I COMPROMÍS EVANGÈLIC. EL CAS DEL BARROC VALENCIÀ I LES SEUES REPERCUSIONS FINS AVUI. Roundtable led by Vicent Pitarch Almela, philologist and sociolinguist Valencia,  Associate Professor at the Jaume University of Castellón and member of the Institut Interuniversitari Filologia Valenciana and Societad Catalana of Sociolinguistics.

Wednesday March 14th, 2012

THE WORD: MEETING POINT. Roundtable. Involved Antonio Jesús García Ferrer, Professor of theology of the higher Institute of religious sciences «Sao Paulo» Alicante; Beatriz Aracil Varón, Professor of Philology at the University of Alicante; and Eduardo Segura Fernández, Professor of Philosophy at the Universidad de Granada and Professor at the International Institute of Philosophy "Edith Stein".

Thursday March 22nd, 2012

A UNIVERSAL ETHIC FOR BIOETHICS? Roundtable. Involved Genoveva Moncho, doctor of medicine, master's degree in bioethics; and Jesús Carrasco Martínez, Professor of Moral Theology and Bioethics in higher Institute of religious sciences Roundtable "San Pablo", an associate professor in the Department of Didactic General and specific teaching of the University of Alicante and Secretary of the Committee of Bioethics healthcare of the Department of health of Alicante - San Juan in Alicante.

Monday March 26th, 2012

THE MEETING AS DIALOGUE. Talk Symposium led by Francisco Conesa Ferrer, vicar general of the Diocese of Orihuela - Alicante.


The sessions will take place at 19: 30 h, except Monday 26 March to 20: 15 h.


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