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23-F coup d ' état

23-F remains in the memory of the elderly, but it is a history lesson for young people. The first have invited them remember that day in Alicante and seconds are offered the opportunity to know what has happened thanks to the movie of Chema de la Peña, one of the few works of fiction about the coup. The goal is to keep the memory of what should never happen.


Wednesday February 22th, 2012

Roundtable "The local 23-F". Speakers: Antonio García Miralles, member of the PSOE and member of the Constituent; Antonio Martín Lillo, historical leader of the Communist Party; Joaquín Galant, historical of the centrist parliamentary group and member of the constituent; Antonio Dopazo, journalist and film critic. Moderator: Francisco Moreno.


Thursday February 23th, 2012

Projection 23-F, the movie (2010).Directed by Chema de la Peña.


The sessions will take place at 20:15 h.


Juan Antonio Ríos Carratalá and Israel Gil Pérez.

It organizes

Alicante Town University Venue and classroom of cinema of the Secretariat for culture of the UA.


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