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"Poetry out of the winter" celebrates the world day of poetry with the recital and the two unique voices of poetry Symposium Spanish current: Antonio Martínez Sarrión and Ada rooms. The exchange of perspectives on the lyrical creation allows to display the aesthetic plurality of the present, at the time that opens a fruitful debate on the future of a genus able to avert the danger of extinction thanks to the energy and the work of the word.



Antonio Martínez Sarrión (Albacete, 1939) graduated in law from the University of Murcia. Since 1963 he lives in Madrid. His books of poems are Teatro de operaciones (1967), Pautas para conjurados (1970), Una tromba mortal para los balleneros (1975), Horizonte desde la rada (1983), De acedía (1986), Ejercicio sobre Rilke (1988), Cantil (1995), Cordura (1999), Poeta en diwan (2004) and Farol de Saturno (2011). Appeared Última fe in 2005. Antología poética  (1965-1999). He is the author of several dietary and three autobiographical volumes: Infancia y corrupciones (1993), Una juventud (1996) and Jazz y días de lluvia (2002). He has translated and edited works of Chamfort, Hugo, Baudelaire, Genet and Rimbaud.


Ada Salas (Cáceres, 1965) graduated in Hispanic Philology from the University of Extremadura. He has published books of poems Arte y memoria del inocente (1988), Variaciones en blanco (1994), La sed (1997), Lugar de la derrota (2003) and Esto no es el silencio (2008), for which they have obtained, among others, the "Hiperion" and the city of Córdoba "Ricardo Molina" award. His first four books have met in No duerme el animal (poetry 1987-2003) (2009). Also is the author of trials Alguien aquí: Notas acerca de la escritura poético (2005) and El margen. El error. La tachadura (the metaphor and other more or less poetic Affairs) (2010).


Wednesday 14 March 2012, to them 20: 15 hours.


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Luis Bagué Quilez and Angel Luis Prieto de Paula.

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Alicante Town University Venue.


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