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Photographer: Teresa Pumarega Bas



Photosede10 collects the work of 25 photographers on the occasion of the tenth anniversary the Alicante Town University Venue, result of the conducted competition between the University of Alicante and the Asociación de Escritores de Luces at the Sede. Snapshots of this sample, they exhibit different aspects of this space University: its facade, classroom, people and Interior. Ultimately, University life extended to the whole society and vocation cultural ten years it drives our Sede.

There are many people who have gone for the classroom, many activities carried out. Through these 25 photographs exhibition and 40 snapshots virtual,  wish express our appreciation to teachers, students, visitors, artists, workers and Directors of this House, because thanks to all the Alicante Town University Venue is today day a cultural reference in the city.



Association of photography



Javier Serrano and María Marco.



From October 4th to December 1st, 2011

Opening: 4th October at 20:15 h.

Miguel Hernández Room.



  • Trini Aparicio Sarmiento.
  • Luis Aterido Juárez.
  • Miguel Bautista Ortega.
  • Mar Caballer Oliva.
  • Rosa Mª Calderón.
  • Javier Escobedo Soriano.
  • Julio Escribano Moreno.
  • Blas Fernández Poyatos.
  • Rocío Freire Zavala.
  • Michel Herrera Cuello.
  • Tomás Martínez Hernando.
  • Francisco Navarro Fernández.
  • Elvira Pizano Rovira.
  • Teresa Pumarega Bas.
  • Francisco Pérez Fortes.
  • Feli Pérez Satorre.
  • José Antonio Ramírez Yeboles.
  • Mª Teresa Rodríguez García.
  • Cesar Ruiz Muñoz.
  • Carmen Ródenas Calatayud.
  • Jorge Salinas Salinas.
  • Cilinia Sánchez Hernández.
  • Emilio Tomasetti Rojo.
  • Francisco Velasco Villahermosa.
  • Consuelo Villalta.


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Opening session Social network Facebook (courtesy of J.J. Escribano).

Virtual Exhibition Photosede10. It resides in the Audiovisual Portal of the UA.

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Opening session.  (Courtesy of Francísco Pérez Fortes).



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