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The seven year itch

The film and psychoanalysis, the arts and letters, part of the universal cultural heritage. Different forms of suffering and to enjoy, where the unconscious desire opens step with their excesses, derivations and interpretations in favour of the different cultural contexts. This course deals with different fields of expression of desire, and their articulation with the love and the enjoyment of the Other.


Calendar and projections

Friday October 28, 2011

THE TEMPTATION TO LIVE ABOVE. Director: Billy Wilder. 1955 (105 min). Presented by: Nacho Sendón, Professor IES Virgen of the remedy, Alicante. Coordinates: Esperanza Jiménez, psychoanalyst and psychologist. C.O. "Molinet".


Friday November 25, 2011

DERSU UZALA. Director: Akira Kurosawa. 1975 (141 min). Presented by: Vicent Brotons rich, Professor, Faculty of education au. Coordinates: Isabel Cerdán, educator and psychoanalyst.


Friday December 16, 2011 at 18:00 h.

THE PASSION OF CAMILLE CLAUDEL. Director: Bruno Nuytten. 1987 (170 min). Presented by: Francisco Jesus Coll Espinosa, psychoanalyst and Associate Professor University of Murcia. Coordinates: Luciana Fracchia, psychoanalyst and psychologist. C.O. "Molinet".


Friday January 20, 2012

BABEL. Director: Alejandro González Iñarritu. 2006 (222 mins.). Presented by: Maricruz Alba, psychologist and psychoanalyst service of counselling and guidance staff University of Murcia. Coordinates: Oscar Strada, psychoanalyst and a doctorate in psychology.


Friday March 2, 2012

VERTIGO. Director: Alfred Hitchcock. 1958 (120 min). They are: Juan Carlos González, Jorge Camón, psychoanalyst and journalist.


Friday March 30, 2012

REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. Director Sam Mendes. 2008 (119 min). Presented by: Isabel Navarro, journalist and poet. Coordinates: Adrián Buzzaqui, sociologist and psychoanalyst.


Friday May 25, 2012

THAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE. Luis Buñuel. 1977 (103 min). Presented by: Conception Sánchez Beltrán, psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist. Coordinates: Mª Elena Tarapow, psychoanalyst and psychologist.


Friday June 15, 2012

GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT. Director: Elia Kazan. 1947 (118 min) Presented by: Anahí Castro Tarapow, writer and master's degree in contemporary history, gender and social policy. Comments: Herminia Hernaiz, a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst.



The sessions will take place at 19:00 h.


Organization team

Esperanza Giménez, Herminia Hernáiz, Isabel Cerdán, Mª Elena Tarapow, Adrian Buzzaqui, Alesandro Cavaliere, Luciana Fracchia, Oscar Strada, Roque Hernández.



Roque Hernández Núñez de Arenas


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Alicante Town University Venue, Espaicultural and Classroom of cinema of the Secretariat of culture of the UA.


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"Freudian Analysis," Center Sociolaboral direction and Association clinical "El Molinet" (Commonwealth Intermunicipal of the Valley of the Vinalopó).


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