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Photographer: Maite Ollé Martín

The objective of this workshop is an approach to bibliographic heritage and especially to the so-called "old book", covering everything from the incunabulum period to the eighteenth century, forming the integral part of the Spanish bibliographic heritage. Craft printing; its nature and specificity; its forms, composition, description and cataloguing; as well as the difficulties that entails custodianship and preservation, they are some of the aspects that must be addressed.



  • Sources for the identification and study of the ancient Book: bibliographies, collective catalogues, repertoires, main sources of information on the Internet.
  • Analysis of the old book: problems and objectives.
  • Formal aspects: integral parts of the book. Study of the cover, Colophon, construction of notebooks, formats, artwork, etc.
  • Description and cataloguing of the ancient Book: the ISBD (A). Study of each of the areas of the ISBD and differences with modern monographs cataloging.
  • Concept of editing, issuing and State.


Teaching staff

Pedro Rueda Ramirez (University of Barcelona)

Cristina Herrero Pascual (University of Murcia)

Elisa Ruiz Garcia (Complutense University of Madrid)

Verónica Mateo Ripoll (University of Alicante)



21, 22, 23, 24, 28 (Cancelled), 29 (Cancelled), 30 November and 1 December 2011.

Conference closing: 20 December at 17:00 h.



All sessions will be held in the Alicante Town University Venue (c / Ramón y Cajal, 4. Alicante) except the 30 November sessin to take place in the Computer room of the General Library (1st floor) in the Campus of San Vicente del Raspeig.


The sessions will take place from 17: 00 to 20: 00 h


Certificate of the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE). For the certification of the ICE it will require a minimum attendance of 80% and the payment of rates.





Verónica Mateo Ripoll


It organizes
Alicante Town University Venue, Observatory of the bibliographic heritage and documentary of Alicante and Department of Medieval History, modern history and Sciences and techniques historiographical UA.


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