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Enric Valor


Enric Valor library is a specialized bibliographic Centre that offers the publishing Fund of the Institute of Catalan studies scholars and featuring, in addition, a section dedicated to the figure of Enric Valor, where you can find most of the works of the author, as diverse personal documents handed over by the value family and other people close to the writer.

The origin of this specialized library is located in the signature of the cooperation agreement between the University of Alicante (UA) and the IEC, which this latter institution donated, twice, for all its own to the UA bibliographic. Thus, a copy of each unit of the Fund has gone distributing thematically between different centres librarians at the University of Alicante, and another has focused, distributed by collections, to the new library of the host University. Consult the catalogue telematically Web page of the University libraries of the UA.

The building that is home to the new library was home to the school of Commerce in Alicante, institution where Enric Valor studied commercial expert opinion. Library Enric Valor to part of the writer Fund contains about 2,500 volumes published by the IEC, dated from 1913 and distributed primarily in the five sections: historical-Arqueològica of biological sciences, the sciences and technology, the philological, and the of philosophy and social sciences. Apart from these sections, the bottom of the IEC also contains a section for general publications and other books with other entities.

Enric Valor Library also hosts several activities organized by the delegation of Alicante of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans.



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