Alicante Town University Venue Story

Rosa (26/07/2011)

If we are to explain about Alicante and Alicante’s urban, economic, cultural and educative development, it implies mentioning the building placed in Ramón y Cajal Avenue, sited in the corner to Doctor Gadea Avenue. This property houses nowadays the University Venue in Alicante in the provincial capital; it is a neoclassical mansion which consists of two stone-made facades built in an almost straight angle with a little edge in the crossroads of both avenues, and from its origins it is totally related to our city’s educative and economical activity. Among its previous functions, there were housing the Tax Office, the School of Commerce, the Business School and the German Bernácer main lecture theatre, as well as the Simulation of  Maneuver and IMIA Navigation for some years.

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The Alicante Town University Venue is placed in a palace from the end of XIX Century, a property which belongs to mayor Gomiz family, a landowner with merchant title and a descendant of the historic Ansaldo family. From the beginning of XX century, the building was rent to Treasury for housing some of its local office’s buildings in Alicante, being Ms. Balbina Gomiz y Poveda the owner then; in 1948, she bequeathed it as an inheritance to her son, Mr. Manuel Montesinos y Gomiz, the Alicante’s mayor in that moment.


Next year, Montesinos delivered the palace to the State for covering, as far as it was necessary, the Real properties and transfer taxes. This palace, altogether with the opposite building, housed for another year the Treasury buildings until its definitive removal in 1950 to the current venue in la Muntanyeta square. The building sited in Ramón y Cajal number 4, remained unoccupied until middle fifties, when it became the central venue of the School of Commerce in Alicante.


Since XVIII century, there was a vindication for a School of Commerce in Alicante, and finally it became true in the inaugural event of the Alicante first School of Commerce, in December 23rd in 1816; nevertheless, it was just a fleeting happiness because the School was closed in 1829, but it would open again in 1887, placed in different buildings; its aim was teaching the near to become qualified accountants of the zone.


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After being placed during the XX century first decades in La Asegurada House, the Commerce School moved, during the fifties, to the Ramón y Cajal avenue building, due to the deficiencies and limitations which the previous venue had. Specifically, in December, 27th  in 1952, it was signed the agreement certificate through which the building placed in the number 4 of Ramón y Cajal  avenue, previous venue of  the Provincial Treasure Building, would become the venue of the Professional School of Commerce in Alicante.


Because of El Libro Blanco de la Educación, by Minister Villar Palasí, the School of Commerce becomes, in 1972, the University School of Business Studies, depending on the Literary University of Valencia (the number of alumni the university registered that year was 400) In September 30th in 1979, the Courts passed the project for creating the University of Alicante, which starts its activity in October, 1980. As a consequence of this law, the University School of Business Studies was incorporated to the University of Alicante, which must have its social venue in the provincial capital, and this is a function which assumes the Ramon y Cajal building as well.


Since the moment of its incorporation to the University of Alicante, the Business School building has lived three reforms: the first one, in 1982, it was in order to tidy the building; the second one, in 1988, for the adaptation of the first, second and third floor; and the third one, which consists in the façade reparation and the whole foundations, structure and distribution rebuilding; this is the one which ends up with the new inauguration’s building in March 10th in 1999. Nowadays, it houses the institutional University Venue in Alicante in the provincial capital. Among its institutional functions, it stands out the one of being the Rectorate of the University of Alicante. It receives illustrious guests, enterprises and institutions related to collaboration and investigation agreements and projects, and, at the same time, it is part of Alicante’s cultural itinerary and constitutes a meeting point for enjoying artistic, academic, social, scientific, and extra curricular activities; all this happening in the very heart of the city.


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The building housed some years ago the ANS-3000 Simulator of Maneuver and Navigation in the framework of the International Maritime Institute of Alicante; and today it dedicates a great part of its spaces and facilities to another ambitious program, as it is the one of recovering its old teaching vocation through the classes and activities of the Permanent University of Alicante.