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It is by all this that have created this cycle with the collaboration of the Secretariat of Promoció of the Valencià of the Universitat d'Alicante to share all type of proposals alentadoras of the different editorials that work near at hand of the world of the letters and with ours authors.

«It approaches to the intense vision, passionate, analytical, surprising and tender of these people that daily do act of faith and of push to create an own universe shared by means of the cual evade of the real world or illusion of sincerity...”

Thursday 27 January of 2011
SILVESTRE VILAPLANA. L'estany de foc (Editions Bromera).
L’estany de foc, the relate of one of the episodes more sangrientos of the Inquisition to our earths. The last copy of a book forbidden will unchain the biggest persecution fact never against a work written and his possessors.

Thursday 10 February of 2011
ÀNGELA MENAGES And JOAN LLUÍS MONJO. Els Valencians d'Algèria (1830-1962) (Editions of the Bullent).
Els Valencians d'Algèria (1830-1962). Memòria i patrimoni d'una comunitat emigrada is a study on the Valencian presence inside the excolonia French of Algeria. Likewise it claims the cultural heritage that the community that emigrated to that country has contributed in the Valencian village. It is based mainly in interviews realised to people that of a way or of another have known that reality.

Thursday 10 March of 2011
CARME MIQUEL. The honey and the gall. (Tándem Editions).
La mel i la fel, narra some personal histories that the author situates in the region of the Marine High, to the postrimerías of the 19th century. The vital experiences of the leading, mother and daughter, constitute a singing to the life and are the central axes of a relate that it shows us a world of emotions, of rivalries and of fight by the survival expressed from the cotidianidad of the quehaceres and the habits of a village.

Thursday 14 April of 2011
MANEL RODRÍGUEZ. Lletra per a un àlbum. (Farmer Editors).
Lletra per a un àlbum, winning of the IV Prize Maria Mercè Marçal of poetry. Through the 32 poems that compose this new poemario, the author of Music of the sense leaves us his more autobiographical print, and s´approaches to his childhood, of which recovers fragments of songs, expressions and episodes evocadores.

Thursday 12 May of 2011
JORDI RAÜL VERDÚ. Rondalles de Cresol (Publishing Ivory).
Rondalles de Cresol is a collection of books headed to the smallest, that collect different fábulas popular collected directly of the biggest people. At present it has four titles: Peret de poca por, La tia Misèria, La criadeta and finally, La història de Venturet.

Thursday 9 June of 2011
DAVID REIG. Canta, toca i balla. (Omnes And Band).
Canta, toca i balla, is a compilación of 108 popular songs Valencian and of author, with instrumentations for primary and secondary. Selection of the repertoire, utilisation of instruments, formal criteria, process of elaboración of the instrumentations, and work them in class, opinions of the students and sources of the repertoire.

The sessions will take place to the 20:15 h.

Ismael Vicedo

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