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Global change

The natural disasters that hit the territories and societies of the terrestrial surface with his terrible economic effects and social put of self-evident the need to prepare us in front of the extremes of the nature. It is necessary to know of precise form the extreme operation of the nature to be able to design strategies of adaptation and mitigation that allow a safer life. The seminar addresses the extreme operation of the natural phenomena and the measures of prevention and reduction of the risk. This question concerns especially in the Mediterranean regions, for which boasts an increase in the development of the natural dangers in the next decades.



Monday 7 March of 2011

NATURAL CATASTROPHES Or DISASTERS ANNOUNCED? Pedro Alfaro, Professor Title of the Department of Sciences of the Earth of the UA.


Tuesday 8 March of 2011

OLD And NEW CHALLENGES IN THE MANAGEMENT OF THE FLOODS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEABOARD. Anna Ribas Palom, Professor Title of Human Geography of the University of Girona.

Wednesday 9 March of 2011

MEASURES OF ADAPTATION And REDUCTION OF THE DISASTERS IN THE VALENCIAN MODERN HISTORY. Armando Alberola Romá, Chair of Modern and responsible History of the group of investigation "History and climate" of the UA.


Thursday 10 March of 2011

THEY PREPARE THE MUNICIPALITIES FOR THE GLOBAL CHANGE? Jorge Olcina Cantos, Chair of Regional Geographic Analysis of the UA and responsible of the Permanent Observatory of the Global Change.



The sessions will take place to the 20:15 h.



Certificate of the Institute of Sciences of the Education (ICE). For the obtaining of the Certificate of the ICE will require a  minimum assistance of the 80 % and the credit of some taxes.



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