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Opening session - Luis Landero


Thursday 7 October of 2010 to the 20:00 h.


Opening session of the Headquarters




Luis Landero


Already from his literary debut in 1989 with Juegos de la edad tardía, the readers of Luis Landero (1948, Albuquerque) knew that we found us in front of a writer with a brilliant path, fact confirmed without delay by his following novels, Caballeros de fortuna  (1994), El mágico aprendiz (1998) or El guitarrista (2002), that would consecrate him definitively as one of the voices capital letters of the current literature in Spanish language


The recognitions like writer, so much in his homeland (Prize Extremadura Creation, 2000), as in national field (National Prize of Literature and Prize of the Critic, 1990) do not do more than confirming the success of reading that his narrative registers, corroborated, if it fits, by the translations of his works to a ten of languages.


Although probably it was writer from always, Landero exerted the most varied careers in his youth, although it detained with vocation of permanence in the one of professor of literature, exerting from does time like such in the School of Dramatic Art of Madrid, to the same time that comes collaborating assiduously with El País.


After his volume of essay Entre líneas: el cuento o la vida (1996) where travels with safe step between the relate and the put-relate or the meditation on the art of the writing, and after the exceptional compendium of articles titled ¿Cómo le corto el pelo, caballero? (2004), it goes back to the novel and does it masterfully with Hoy, Júpiter (2007), revealing once again what always have known: than Luis Landero is, above all else, a glorious counter of histories.


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