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Photosede10 Contest - Rules


Logo of 10th Anniversary of Alicante Town University Venue



The Alicante Town University Venue celebrates its 10th anniversary. On the occasion of this celebration the Writers Association of lights at the Sede, has convened a photo competition entitled: Photosede10. The purpose of this contest is the realization of an exhibition of 25 photographs from the Alicante, Town University Venue which will take place in showroom Miguel Hernández of the University Venue.



The photographs submitted to contest will have as theme the Alicante Town University Venue. Pictures show screenshots of the seat, without disrupting the operation of the activities of the institution.

You will have to properly justify the approval of persons appearing in the image. If you selected the picture, are you may require the author the appropriate permissions.



You can participate all persons over the age of 18 years, of any nationality and country of residence.

Submitted pictures must indicate the following information: title of the work, name and surname of the author or pseudonym, email and phone contact. The name of the file jpg., shall comprise surname, first name of the author.

They will be original and unpublished and it will not be waiting for the verdict of the jury of another contest, or have been awarded previously in another contest or photographic competition. Computer adjustments, are not allowed except for levels and frames. Size of the picture 3 mega pixels minimum in jpg. The pictures will be sent to the following e-mail address:, including PHOTOSEDE10 Subject, until 15 June inclusive.

If the overall size of your pictures on the disc is over 6.5 Mb in two e-mail them separately.

You only select a picture per person. Maximum presentation 2 pictures per author.



The jury shall consist of three renowned photographers.

The failure of the contest be public July 1 through the website:




The photography award will be participating in an exhibition of 25 photographs selected by the jury and declared winners. Printing and framed them it shall be borne by the headquarters city of Alicante which will become owner of the photographs.

With the rest of the images selected by the jury to a maximum of 100, there will be a virtual exhibition. The award-winning and selected for the virtual exhibition, photographs will form part of the Audiovisual Portal of the University of Alicante

and they will be covered by the Creative Commons license.

The verdict of the jury is final.

Participation in the contest implies the full acceptance of the bases.

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