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Rosa Monzó

And I, what I remember of Sede?


I never make efforts to remember bad times or things that I liked. And now, when I think of this route from Sede, although he tried to, any bad memory come to my mind because you can not have them.


And is that these first 10 years of Sede crowd me the images of people, from bustle of multiple activities, of a wonderful human tide into and out of their classrooms, which are yours, which is accustomed to taking the stairs to the impossibility of access to an elevator, which asked: "and what now?" And it gets a small barrage of possibilities for response.


Conference that I attended, concerts, awards, opening of courses... Always with the heart and the doors open, eager to accommodate everyone, of every one of us find what you are interested in and propose what you would think that, together, we can do. And without waste of money, that Yes, we know how to walk the times and we are already experts in what to replace with the effort and the illusion that this endless and voracious, crisis aims to avoid that we bring forward.


Yes, I think I most remember Sede is that it is and her feel like my house. The smile and the professionalism of Fatima, Mª Dolores, Mati.., Maria, my dear friend Maria, and each and every one of those who are there and do us such simple things, favor this feeling of pleasant reception.


With the directors of luxury that has had the seat, Manolo, Emilio, tasting, with such directors, how will not be so! You have set the bar very high and that is why, for all your work, very happy birthday and a thousand kisses!



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