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General information on the registration process:

Course registration is an on-line process consisting of three stages: preregistration, registration, and fee payment (except for free courses).

Please read the following information carefully before starting the registration process.

1. Pre-registration

  • Open on the dates stated in each course description
  • Until 2 days before the course starts, or until no more places are available.
  1. To sign up for one of our workshops, you must first pre-register by filling out the following form and ticking the option "Specialisation courses and training-oriented academic activities". Then, select the course you are interested in from the alphabetically ordered list. Once the form has been completed, a message confirming that the pre-registration process has been successfully completed will pop up.

    Pre-registration form

  2. If you have forgotten your password or cannot access your UACloud e-mail, you may use UACloud's automatic system for retrieving and changing your password. You will need to use the personal e-mail address that you provided upon registration.

    Link to new password request:
  3. Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail including your reference number. Please make sure to save it, since you will need it later on in the registration process. This e-mail will be sent to the address you provided in the preregistration form. If you have not received the e-mail, please visit the form again and make sure you provided a valid e-mail address. If you have lost your reference number, please visit the form again, type in your ID number, and request for it to be sent again.
  4. Pre-registration requests will be dealt with on the next working day after submission. If you received the pre-registration e-mail, please wait until you receive antoher e-mail confirming you have been admitted to the course before you proceed with the registration process.


2. Registration and fee payment

  1. Once the Administration Office has received your request for pre-registration, you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions on how and when to register. It is important for you to not miss this e-mail, since that may result in you missing the deadline for registration. Again, this information will be sent to the e-mail address you provided in the pre-registration form.
  2. The email you will receive upon admission will include your UACloud access data, and the deadline for registrations. UACloud is the platform you need to use to complete your registration.
  3. Once the registration process has been completed, a payment receipt will be issued. You must proceed to course payment within the deadline stated in the receipt, and before the course begins.
    Please remember that it is possible to pay for course fees with your credit card. Your receipt will be available in UACloud's "Receipt payment" app.


Fee refund

Fee refund will be subject to the University of Alicante's regulations for special courses. Once the course has begun, no fee refunds will be made.

Should the number of students registered for a certain course or workshop be below the minimum, the Languages and Culture Service will be entitled to cancel it.

Diplomas, academic certificates and specialised course descriptions


From 16 December 2016, academic fees for diploma and certificate issuance of specialised courses will be 27.34. Said fee was approved by the UA's Governing Council (16/12/2015) in accordance with the Decree on Fees passed by the Valencia Region Government.

Course description sheetswill be free of charge.

Requests for these documents must be filed on-line.

Students may choose not to request the course diploma or certificate. Students will not be obliged to show said diplomas or certificates when requesting credit recognition within the University of Alicante, since centres can check whether the course has been passed.

To request diplomas and certificates:

  • Certificates and diplomas
    • Virtual Campus - E-administration - Procedures - Academic procedures - Specialised course certificate
    • You must choose either "certificate" or "diploma".
    • Diplomas are issued for each individual course, whereas certificates may include one, several or all courses completed by the student. A preview of each of the documents will be shown at this point. Then, you may pay with your card or print out the receipt. The receipt will be available for 30 days. Once your payment has been verified (it takes just a few seconds), a PDF document with the diploma or certificate will be created. Document validation is done by means of a CSV code. A digital signature in the shape of a number code will appear on the side of the document. Document authenticity can be checked by copying the code's URL.
  • Information sheet
    • Virtual Campus - Other services - Electronic office - File - Specialised course file.


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