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L'alcudia de Elche's site -the former Colonia Iulia Ilici Augusta- presents a wide sequence of occupation, from which the early medieval stage is emphasized by this project. Ilici was a Visigothic bishop's see and this town continued to be occupied during the Islamic conquest, within the framework of the famous Treaty of Theodemir -which linked these territories to Al-Andalus. This site is managed by The Alcudia University Foundation for Archaeological Research.

Recent excavations in sector 4C of La Alcudia have revealed at last a broad stratigraphy which covers the period from the 5th century to the moment when the episcopal town was abandoned, after the Islamic appearance in the region. Since then, it has been a challenge to archaeologically discern the frequency of use of the space in order to conduct the plundering of building materials as well as its recycling process. This could be the clue to determine the possible residual occupation from the 8th century on.



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THE PLACE OF THINGS (6-14 centuries AD). HAR2015-67111-P

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