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The most important part of any project always resides in the support of the people and institutions that make it possible. Further of the sustento economic that it is importantísimo in any initiative, is indispensable to find on the way with a group of people that are able to bet by an innovative project like which resides in Smart University, able to articulate from the distinct fronts the necessary actions for his achievement, and more still in the first stadiums of the project. It is thus that, since we are many the people involved, want to leave proof by means of his recognition.

In first instance want to recognise and appreciate to the University of Alicante and especially to his Rector, Manuel Dovecot Sanz, the support showed to the project Smart University and whose first tangible fruit is this white book. In front of any process that involve an analysis and engineering on the community, is imperioso have the support of the maximum organs of government for like this can collaborate through all the levels of the institution. Besides the concept of Smart University is considered like one of the lines prioritarias inside the Strategic Plan of the University of Alicante, what does that it was a project that emanates from the interests of the institution like a bet by the university of the future. Directly from the managing organs, the Vicerrectorado of Technology of Information and especially his Vice-chancellor, Francisco Maciá Pérez, is the another of the strong links that form the chain of catalysts of the project Smart University. This vicerrectorado concentrates the government and gestión of the YOU, and therefore is the unit with which more closely work and which directs the implementation of the projects that fulfil with the aims of the university. Our offer of services conforms in base to the principles and needs that the university expresses and that this vicerrectorado does possible and pipes.

A project like Smart University, with a calado transversal on all the actors of the university, would be impossible without having the help of other vicerrectorados and units. It deserves especially our gratitude the Vicerrectorado of Campus and Technology, through the cual coordinate present and future actions for the interaction with the distinct university infrastructures and the possibility that offers us of prototipado. Also it is reseñable the narrow collaboration that realises with us the Service of Computing of the University of Alicante, helping in the process of alineación of our conceptualización on the existent tools.

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