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Ámbitos Smart University

The wide variety of initiatives and socio-economic, technical and environmental services that it can provide a Smart University provide a number of advantages which favour the well-being of the whole of the University community.

Pursuant to capture all or most of these initiatives proposes a framework of features, which will allow to identify projects and services along with their respective field of implementation, which will contribute to the sustainable growth of the Smart University.

Smart University, as well as the Smart Cityconcept, is strongly anchored to the power of the TI, with special emphasis on the concept of the "Internet of things" (Internet of Things), which interconnected systems and people, and also stimulate innovation to facilitate a set of objectives for the benefit of all.

It is true economic and urban development of a city, or a University in this case, it is based on maintaining a policy of sustainability, use of resources in an efficient manner in all its areas, proper management and a commitment to innovation. Therefore, that to this day, the TI are mature enough to provide intelligence to all its areas, and its citizens, which will be the main consumers and prosumers (producers of content) of their assets. Therefore we align with all Smart axes proposed by the European Union in its report Mapping Smart Cities in the EU creating a framework of well defined, justified and documented. These shafts are focussed on six pillars:

  • Citizens - Smart People
  • Administration and Government - Smart Government
  • Environment and efficiency - Smart Environment
  • Disabled - Smart Mobility
  • Economy - Smart Economy
  • Way of life - Smart Living

These axes are common in the majority of studies about the Smart Cities and pretend to give an overview of all aspects of a society connected in the future in all and each one of the socio-economic and environmental aspects.

In Figure 9 you can see smart shafts along with enabling forces: people, resources, and you.

It is clear that the definition of the framework allows to capture the key dimensions proposed by the European union, these may be extended as needed uncoupling areas or axes according to the needs of each moment, as we have seen, be Smart University is a way of life is not static or fixed, but dynamic and in constant growth.

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