Smart Economy: Economía Inteligente

It is evident that sustainable cities encourage Essentials in a city such as quality of life and the optimal management of resources, notably encouraging saving in its management and its development. Become the urban needs new models and business opportunities will attract, directly or indirectly, investments, which will provide growth to the University or the city. Within this framework, the Europe 2020 strategy, proposed by the European Union, includes three priorities in the economic sphere that will reinforce the use of IT to promote the following economic priorities:

  • Smart Growth: development of an economy based on knowledge and innovation
  • Sustainable growth: promotion of more resource-efficient to promote a more competitive economy.
  • Intensive growth: promotion of an economy with high rates of employment in order to develop the social and territorial cohesion.
"From the University of Alicante is committed to driving the intelligent economy and future growth initiatives from different fields: improvement of the quality of education, academic performance, the promotion of innovation and transfer of knowledge and technology"

All of this pushing the use of the it and ensuring that the innovation of ideas can return in new products and services to create growth, quality jobs and help new challenges suggested by the European Union. These new products include the Smart Universityproject described in this book, as an engine for the new digital society and core of the economic sustainability of the University of Alicante.

Smart Economy is defined as the main base of urban development in a smart community. This model is based on a series of concepts to promote the development, sustainability and attractiveness for new investment, the main ones are: e-business, e-commerce, increase of productivity, employment and innovation in it and generation of new products and services, new models and opportunities for business and entrepreneurship. Matter, and for many reasons that one of the main objectives of the performance of these tasks is mainly a return on the investment, for it is necessary to know the economic impact of the projects to be carried out and whether or not are able to allow savings for the community and be sustainable over time.

To achieve the desired objectives, Smart Economy focuses on the following areas to which we can provide intelligence solutions from TI:

  • Entrepreneurship | Productivity | Competitiveness: urban organization that fosters new entrepreneurial initiatives, an increase of competitiveness and high productivity in communities with the aim of improving the quality of life
  • R & d | Urban Labs: offer a solution which can be adopted by other universities or cities, and thus obtain a return on investment (ROI are its acronym in English) through the creation of innovative services and urban laboratories.
  • Tourist attraction and internationalization: a branding as Smart University which will provide a national and international perspective for the tourist promotion both social and economic.
  • Training: training of the community, their personal development and the fostering of creative ability.