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Smart Living: Microentorno de calidad

If we could get a list of five reasons why people like to live in the cities probably would do it in a few minutes, but equally easy would be to make other improvements, which would be characterized as serious and complex. The challenges and opportunities of innovation occurring at universities, or in small environments, inspired new challenges for cities of medium and large population. As a result, and for a subsequent adaptation, is a Studio and a fitness for the benefit of the citizen according to the scale.

Why improve the quality of life of our environment is a complex task since it involves overcoming a multitude of impediments of any kind: bureaucratic, social, economic... In the 21st century the TI are providing improvements in the quality of life of citizens in various social areas such as: health, accessibility, social cohesion, security, the tourist attraction and culture, all of them benefiting citizens and cities. Why innovate and provide intelligence to the city in the public service will allow to create a city more sustainable and most human, without neglecting all the important aspects that make a city link of union and life of most of the world's population.

Currently the University of Alicante has initiatives that coalesce in the form of services and platforms that promote the quality of life of the University community:

  • Prevention service
  • Healthy University
  • VEU Cultural information service
  • Student's Guide
  • UACloud
  • Centre of support to the student falls
"Smart Living refers to new life through the TI, behaviour and consumption styles. " Smart Living intelligent services act in the areas of: health, safety and citizenship, culture, home automation in homes, providing intelligent services such as e-health, workgroup and e-tourism, all with the aim of increasing levels of social cohesion, the capital, and security in cities"

The four basic pillars of shaft Smart Living in a Smart University covering all of these features are as follows:

  • Social innovation: improve and develop new services for the benefit of society through the TI, r & d in improving the quality of life, and design new tools for accessibility for people with any type of disability that give them autonomy.
  • e-health: applying new technologies in the field of health as the Tele-assistance, medical services and social online and remote patient monitoring.
  • e-Cultura: transmit and promote the cultural identity of the city through TI platforms, digitizing and sharing historical and cultural heritage, and making it reach the citizen from any place and at any time. Promote the tourist promotion of the place through applications in mobile devices, augmented reality or information panels in real time.
  • Security: integrate emergency next to sensors, video cameras monitoring and analysis of large amounts of data in real time to increase the response of the security forces in emergency situations.

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