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Smart Sensors

The term Smart Sensor has been adopted by these devices due to the fact that they employ information of his surroundings and information of his operation, being fundamental part of the intelligent environments because of his capacity of processing, storage, sending and reception of data of simple way thanks to the wireless modules that can him adapt.

Can realise a classification of the sensors in several types:

  • General sensors: they are able to measure the consumption, the available reservations of a determinate resource and produce a determinate signal. In this group will include the sensors of light, water, gas, smoke, presence, temperature, wind, humidity, noise%u2026
  • Specific sensors: they collect information of crowd of possible appearances in an only device. Here we would include sensors of presence, of pollution, of movement (accelerometer and gyroscope), of position (GPS), solar radiation, cameras of recognition of image, etc. These sensors characterise because it has added them the connection to Internet and are able to pose new intelligent services that have fit in a Smart City.

These sensors are those that form part of the layer or level of monitoring and acquisition of the information. This nuvel of the architecture of the Smart University or City goes to be the attendant to capture the elementary information of a reality that want to observe, from devices that register physical evento or that generate impulses, which will be treated to be able to to handle like data that later will be processed in the level of business to generate intelligent services of value to improve the quality of life of the city and of the citizen. Examples of these intelligent services are the maps or analytical that have in our dashboard Smart University, whose data are treated like information and later like knowledge for the generate services so much preventive like predictive and alarms of monitoring in real time.

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