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Our world has changed vertiginosamente to a massively connected world and full of services that loan under demand to any hour and in any place.Technology and society are now inseparable mates that offer to the citizen a new level of services and quality of life of an up to now unthinkable way. Our urbes, our job centres, our parks and gardens and, in general, our cities are immersed in a technological wave that does them more efficient, more confortables, more comfortable, more useful and, especially, puts them to our service. This stage reveals us that we are in front of a new social paradigm that, by his complexity and transversalidad, has evolved without a general model of reference. It is necessary to detain an instant to think, reordenar ideas, establish organisational principles and design models and architectures that allow to sustain is explosion of ideas, technologies and services to the citizens. The University of Alicante is sabedora that has the obligation to tackle the new needs and social requests, and more when these are drawing a new map of the reality in which society and technology embrace not to go back to walk separated never more. This white book is the first step to attain this new society, reflecting the ideas, needs, requests and current state of our university, for like this begin to create the common frame that allow to give light to the Smart University, and in general to the Smart Cities of the 21st century


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