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smart wifi dashboard

The section Smart WIFI ,of the signpost of control SmartUA, allows to monitor and observe from maps of heat and analytical the current state of the network WIFI of the university or of a Smart City, in a flash concretise in the time or in a determinate interval, in addition to representing the data obtained or the averages, and sail through them. The data generated by the wireless network EDUROAM of the University of Alicante store in a database noSQL, allowing the fast and efficient processing of million data giving the greater importance to the performance, the reliability and the agility.

These data can analyse through maps of heat or of the analytical tools of the signpost of control.

Sweep tools smart cities dashboard


The maps of heat wifi in some surroundings Smart Cities allow us observe and represent the concentration of connections wifi in any point of the campus or of a city from a thermography, defining a hierarchy of two poles, on the one hand using warm colours to show the zones with more concentration of connections, in front of a group of cold colours that indicate the zones with lower number of devices. With these data will be able to analyse the zones where more concentration of users or devices to warn possible fail of the system by saturation or by error, check the effectiveness of the points of access, generate alarms from historical data or from a determinate threshold, even cross data with the indexes of electrical consumption to be able to optimise the energetic resources and therefore the consumption.

Map of heat Smart University

Picture of research Smart Wifi


The interface of user allows to represent of an analytical form the data stored in three graphic formats different: diagram of lines, diagram of bars and diagram radar.

The diagram of lines composes of a series of data represented by points, joined by linear segments. Which allows us visualise quickly the changes of tendencies of the data in the transcurso of the time.

The diagram of bars allows us represent the groups of data like rectangular bars whose height is proportional to the frequency of each one of the values of the variable.

The diagram radar is the form to show multiple data and the variation between them. They are useful for the comparison of points between two or more conjoint of data.

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