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We are the people through our partnership and interaction that we are full of all kinds of needs complex societies. These communities are as diverse as the types of people and can accommodate from a few individuals, such as a specific professional group, up to thousands or millions of people such as cities and countries. Precisely because the term city is a comfortable, specific and easily identifiable element to handle an idea of specific community, usually used when we try to focus our efforts for the improvement of society.

He is then reframes the question of improving the quality of life of the people is not new, it is a thought and an intention that we could go even up to the principles of the Roman era where already studied the characteristics of the cities to make them more comfortable, more livable and more humanized. We are now in the time where the TI reach the necessary maturity, not only by its consolidated evolution, but by its affordability, its high level of implementation, because it already has been overcome the digital divide in our society and now we can sit down and reflect how our University community better, how to build our Smart Community.

Within the University environment the concept of Smart City, transferred all its community and its environment, gives as a result Smart University, and maintains the same objective of improving the quality of life of their community by applying global, intensive and sustainable the TI under the principle of service to citizens. For a University of this magnitude, it is essential to achieve the same levels of quality of life than expected for a Smart City. No doubt the University environment is sufficiently complex, sensitive and prepared as for that other than a representative of a medium-sized city, but with the great advantage of greatly minimize the impact of the factors that can prevent today that this type of proposals may be viable in our cities. That is why, it's a controlled environment, in which economic policies, sustainability, building or development are decided locally and do not depend on external factors, although they follow similar policies and national or international strategies.

The purpose of the application of all these concepts and technologies is not only the innovation of the modus operandi for the future college life, but as a key strategy the creation and connection of human capital, social capital and information technologies, in order to generate a greater and more sustainable economic development and a better quality of life.

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