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Culture and languages promotion

Antoni Miró Chair for Contemporary Art

The Universitat d'Alacant/Universidad de Alicante, together with the town council of Otos and Alcoy, have created Antoni Miró Chair for Contemporary Art, which is aimed at promoting knowledge and spreading of contemporary art, with a special emphasis on Valencian artists.

This chair's goal is to foster debate, research and knowledge spreading within contemporary plastic arts, its relation with thought and with all other forms of art: literature, music, cinema... 

The activities developed within this chair will be held at the UA campus and in premises owned by the town councils of Alcoy and Otos. 


Antoni Miró Chair for Contemporary Art

Cátedra Enric Valor

Con el objetivo de promover la difusión de la cultura popular valenciana, y de contribuir al conocimiento de la figura de Enric Valor y su obra, así como también para fomentar el estudio y el uso del valenciano a las comarcas valencianas meridionales, la investigación del patrimonio histórico, arqueológico, literario y musical, en 2016 se subscribió el convenio de creación de la Cátedra Enric Valor de la Universitat d'Alacant, entre la misma Universitat d'Alacant, el Ayuntamiento de Castalla y el Ayuntamiento de Altea.

En este sentido, la Cátedra Enric Valor se erige como espacio necesario de reflexión, debate, análisis, investigación y divulgación en campos estratégicos de la extensión universitaria cómo son la literatura, la cultura popular, la música, la didáctica de la lengua, el folclore, la geografía literaria o el turismo cultural.

Cátedra Enric Valor

Science Club

The Science Club is an initiative of the Office of the Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation, together with the Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Languages. Its aim is to spread information on all science-related activities held at the Universitat d'Alacant/Universidad de Alicante, both on campus and at the University Venues.

The Science Club was created to promote scientific culture spreading, thus offering society a wide range of possibilities to access this kind of knowledge: exhibitions, talks, guided tours, book (and other resources) presentations, workshops, conferences, and so on. The driving principle behind the Science Club is our will to share knowledge, to work together towards a broader vision of science where everything is connected. For us, cross-sectionality is a must in order to fully understand the world around us.

Science Club

Culture & Language Volunteering Programme

The Office for Culture and Languages Promotion, in collaboration with UA's Languages and Culture Service, offers university community members the possibility to actively participate in cultural activities held on campus and in the University Venues.

This programme works in two directions: training (in-class and on-line) and action-taking. During the training sessions you will learn about volunteering, first aid, intangible heritage, etc. The Universitat d'Alacant/Universidad de Alicante also provides specific training on culture management and promotion, as well as language training, in order for attendees to learn how to spread and promote activities held in Valencian, English, and other languages that are not so frequently present in cultural events. After this, a 25-hour action-taking stage takes place. During this stage, volunteers participate in cultural activities organised by the University, such as cultural days, cinema cycles, workshops and courses promotion, guided visits to the Museum, and so on. In this stage, each volunteer's personal interests and time availability are taken into account in order to help you participate in those activities that are more interesting to you whenever possible.

A certificate is issued to all volunteers in order to recognise their work. It can be validated for ECTS credits, and it also provides holders with a series of perks, such as access to special invitations to shows and the possibility of applying for grants to attend cultural workshops and other related activities. 

Culture & Language Volunteering Programme - Information and registration

University Internship Programme

Extracurricular Internship Programme

The Office for Culture and Languages Promotion has been offering an extracurricular internship programme where students from the Degree in Translation can translate VEU magazine articles into English, which are then published at This programme is included in the Universitat d'Alacant/Universidad de Alicante language promotion strategy, and helps our magazine reach a broader audience while at the same time offering translation students the possibility of enjoying a traineeship in a well-known media, under the supervision of UA's Languages and Culture Service.

If you are interested in becoming one of our Translation trainees, do not hesitate to contact us!

University Internship Programme for Publicity & Public Relations students

In academic year 2014-2105, the Office for Culture and Languages Promotion started a new internship programme, tailor-made for Publicity and Public Relations students. Within this programme, students will learn how to plan and execute culture and language promotion campaign in digital media and social networks and how to draft a press release. They will also have the opportunity to participate in a radio programme and in many other activities carried out in this unit. 

If you are interested in becoming one of our Publicity and Public Relations trainees, do not hesitate to contact us


Culture Review Programme

In 2012, our cultural magazine opened its doors for the first time to a team of students who collaborated with us as cultural reviewers. They were supervised by lecturers specialising in a series of art-related subjects, and their job was to review some of the shows included in our University's cultural programme. This initiative was extremely succesful and praised by the companies producing the shows staged at UA, since these reviews allowed their performances to have a stronger repercussion. This programme has also had fantastic results when it comes to promoting off-campus activities organised by our Culture Clubs: UA Philharmonic Orchestra concerts, UA Choir performances, and UA Theatre Club initiatives.

If you are interested in becoming one of our reviewers, do not hesitate to contact us

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