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From the Student Support Centre, we welcome all UA students and those who will be in the near future. In these pages, you will find materials to both support your studies and your self-awareness, as well as customised advice for you to make your entry and stay at the UA as rewarding as possible.

The Student Support Centre  (SSC), is part of the Office for Work Placement and Student Support, attached to the Office of the Vice President for Student and consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the fields of social work, psychology, ICT accessibility, sociology and management. Our mission is to give customised attention to the students of the University of Alicante in order to enable their full participation, following the principles of equal opportunities and universal accessibility

Equal opportunities for students with disabilities

Action plan

Who is this aimed at

All University of Alicante students with any type of physical, sensorial, psychological and/or mental disabilities as stated in article 49 of the Spanish Constitution and on the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with the aim of ensuring their full inclusion and participation in the university community.

  • Guarantee UA students with disabilities the right to pursue their studies and with reasonable adjustments according to their individual needs.
  • Develop a set of customised and effective supporting measures in the environments where they can make the most of their academic and social development.
  • Ensure professionalism, confidentiality and the highest assistance quality.
  • Encourage the participation of students with disabilities in the activities of the educational system for their full involvement in university life.
Key moments in the life of the student

This programme covers the entire academic life of students, from the very moment they enter the University to the moment they finish their studies.


Adjustments take place when the university context needs to be modified to make it accessible to people with personal limitations. Human beings have always shaped their environment to make it accessible. We can find the first examples of adaptations in Ancient Greece in the figure of "readers"; people who read the law to those who could not.

Most of the adaptations carried out in the  SSC  are sponsored by Universia Foundation Bank Support Products. Visit their website to see the products that may be useful for the University of Alicante's student life. 

Advisory Service

Psychological and Psychopedagogical Counselling

To whom it is addressed

Students who may be in situations of personal conflict, anguish, anxiety, depression, discouragement, etc. Some of these difficulties are directly related to studies, skills, aptitudes, vocation ... Others are more general: affective and emotional crisis, family conflict, feeding behaviours or substance abuse that may be directly interfering in their academic performance. 

Academic performance
  • Advice to improve the learning process.
  • Vocational counselling.
  • Study technique workshops.
  • Workshops to help face exams.
General assistance
  • We assist students individually
  • We assess the scope of their problem
  • We advise on the convenient changes of attitude, behaviour or the way they relate
  • We provide information on specialised professionals centres
Our objectives
  • Offer assistance, services and activities to contribute to improving the student's development and adaptation during their stay at the university.
  • Offer tools, strategies and support techniques to achieve the student's academic goals at the UA.
  • Contribute and promote research n topics related to psychological and psychopedagogical counselling in higher education.
Access to this service 

Sexological counselling

Reasons to ask for help to an expert in sexology

Sexuality and healthy sexual relations are basic for emotional balance in human beings. Healthy and pleasant sexual relations are essential for good quality of life. Either your sexuality or your sexual relations are not gratifying, do not give up or accept it as normal. Ask for help to an expert in sexology and couples therapy.

Are other problems addressed through this programme?

Undoubtedly, there are problems related to sexual identity, gender dysphoria, jealousy, emotional dependency, obsessions, addictions and the couple problems mentioned above that can also also be addressed from this service. If your problem is not mentioned in these lines but is linked to the sexual sphere or couple-related, this is your programme.

Access to this service
Looking for a solution to your problems? Arrange an appointment from the  SSC Virtual Office Office hours: Thursday from 5 pm to 8 pm

Social Action

Emergency financial aid

What is it?

Financial aid offered to students to cope with hardship related to their studies. the goal is to assist UA students in their basic needs when they are facing personal or family unexpected economic situations that may interfere in the continuation of their studies.

Supported Accommodation Programme

What does it consist of?

It is intended to promote coexistence between UA students and either elderly people living alone, or families with a member with a disability or women with family responsibilities in exchange for providing mutual company. If you are looking for an alternative accommodation, you have some time to devote to other people and you are willing to explore other experiences, come to us and will explain to you what this consists of.

More info

Social Mediation

Aimed at:

Students of the University of Alicante, who may be in a difficult personal or family situation that can have an impact on their studies and require support to overcome it. The programme offers comprehensive student care, as they require a timely or continued support for personal, family, economic or social issues.

More info

Useful information for students

Volunteering Programme

I want to be a volunteer. What can I do? 
Go to 'uayuda' web page. Fill in the form and we will contact you. More info

Equal Opportunities Observatory

The Student Support Centre develops a network with associative organisations of people with disabilities in the Region of Alicante, professional and local public entities in the university context. More info

ICT Accessibility Training

The Student Support Centre, in collaboration with Vodafone Spain Foundation and several services of the University of Alicante are launching a project on inclusive educational platforms with in order to educate, train and promote Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessible in the university community. More info