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Portada is an official publication issued by UA's Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Languages, aimed at providing information on the cultural agenda of the University and its venues, as well as other culture-related activities supported by the UA. This long-standing magazine has become a landmark for cultural news within our university and in the city of Alicante.

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Cultura en la UA The Office for Culture and Languages Promotion develops an intense activity on several communication channels in order to promote all culture and language-related activities among the university and non-university community. You can find us as "Cultura en la UA" on social networks, where we both promote our activities and interact with users. 


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Boletín cultural Sign up for VEU's Newsletter to receive weekly updates on the University's cultural agenda and special events. This newsletter was created over 10 years ago and has more than 4,000 subscribers. 


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Polytechnic University College Radio Podcast

Culture at the UA is a programme held by the Unit and Radio UA, where information on the University's cultural and sports agenda is provided.

The aim of this radio programme is to make our cultural offer (including activities held on campus and in the University Venues) known to the whole university community, with a special emphasis on students. Besides talking about ACUA cultural agenda and the Culture Clubs, in this programme you will also find information on the workshops and courses held by the Languages and Culture Service, and interviews related with all kinds of cultural activities and initiatives (Cinema, Science and Literature Clubs). These activities are extremely varied, and include initiatives developed at an institutional level, as well as others that are simply born from our university community members' creativity. 

Culture at the UA - Ivoox Podcast  / Culture at the UA on iTunes