Secretary's Office


Administration & Council building, Campus de San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante - Apdo 99 - E-03080

SIGUA code (UA Geographic Information System) of this office is 0028PB060

tel. 96 590 3477 


On-campus location of the Communication Office.


Mission of the Communication Office Secretary's Office:

  • Press kit production and subsequent online publication.
  • Maintenance of Actualidad Universitaria (University of Alicante's online magazine).
  • Submission of press releases to the mass media.
  • Economic management.
  • Drafting of the Office's annual report.
  • Maintenance of our databases.
  • Preparation and updating of quality processes and procedures.
  • User service.
  • Acquisition of bibliographical, office and computer materials.
  • Distribution of campus maps and promotional books.
  • Events organisation.
  • Any other tasks related to the management and administration required by the Communication Office.