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Women for Science, Women for Sure - Web Resources


Científicas Invisibles
Facebook profile initiated by the Valencian Universities Network to promote R&D+i and the recovery and acknowledgement of the work developed by many female scientists.





   Genias del Mundo
Blog aimed at displaying women's steps in Science.









Science is a girl thing
Did you know that girls do as well as boys in science and maths at school but many more boys go on to further study science, technology and engineering? So, remember: you’ve got what it takes.



Women and a mujer y la actividad científica
Section on EDUCAR portal where students can do research in different discoveries made by female scientists. 










Top 10 female scientists in History
Web page listing the top 10 female scientists in History.


Women in the History of Science (CSIC)
Short and intense compilation on female geneology in the History of Science made by de Eulalia Pérez Sedeño.


Mujeres en la Sombra 
This blog is the result of the work made by a group of students and teachers of the secondary centre ‘Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclan’ in Seville to pay tribute to women in history that either never appeared in the books or would never be known rather than WIVES OF ... ... OR SISTERS/ DAUGHTERS OF ... SOME FAMOUS MAN.
Female Inventors (CSIC)
Publication with a list of female inventors made by Raquel Barcos Reyero and Eulalia Pérez Sedeño, members of the Spanish National Research Council.








Women and Science (CSIC)
Website of the Spanish National Research Council with news, documents and resources on female scientists.



  NATURE: International weekly journal of Science 
This special issue of Nature takes a hard look at the gender gap — from bench to boardroom — and at what is being done to close it.


Mujeres Con ciencia

Mujeres con ciencia was born with the aim of showing what women devoted to science and technology did and are still doing. Biographies, interviews, events, anniversaries and all kinds of chronic or relevant facts will be found here.





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