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Get to know the Campus

The University of Alicante Campus is regarded as one of the best European campuses 1 We offer you the chance to enter the following links to get to know it better.

Aerial sight of the University

    • Buildings and Architecture (under construction). This link represents one of the best ways of getting to know the architecture and landscape design of our University Campus. It offers information on the projects, architects, buildings...and provides technical information which both professionals and students of architecture and design will find especially interesting.
    • Campus Design Guides. The design and construction of the whole University of Alicante Campus in San Vicente del Raspeig has been carried out according to a carefully designed methodology following the guidelines set out below:
      • Philosophy. All the works related to the campus philosophy and technical methodology are currently being compiled for their inclusion here. Meanwhile, the following materials are already available: a brief paper by President Andrés Pedreño, written in 1994 to explain the philosophy behind the planning and design of the Campus: Planteamiento Urbanístico de un campus: Universidad de Alicante . A chapter from Prof. Pedreño's books Universidad: utopías y realidades (University: Utopias and Realities) further describes the development of the campus: Capitulo III: El desarrollo de un campus (The Development of a Campus), and was used to illustrate the attractive graphic material in 1999/98 University Annual Report
      • Campus Design Guides. Technical materials and methodology of the design guides applied to our campus. A methodology that has been crucial in the final explanation of its execution, although a flexible follow-up of these guides has been made.
      • UAPARC Design Guides (maps). It is the same methodology applied to UAPARC with 42 maps referred to different aspects of the design.
    • History. Annual reports and material of interest are collected here.
      • Annual report 1997/98:
        • Campus Development. A graphic and historical headcount of the campus. They collect many and interesting "historical" photos. Links on the building of diverse emblematic buildings in our campus.
        • Flood 30/9/97. Excellent graphic memory elaborated by the General Secretariat on the serious floods that our campus suffered in 1997.
      • Annual report 1998/99
        • Transformation of the Campus.
    • Awards and references in specialised journals. All references in specialised journals as well as awards, honourable mentions and further acknowledgements for our campus and architecture will be collected here. First list.
    • UA Architectural Studies:


      The campus, its philosophy and its image have been a referent for some of the most emblematic projects of our campus. This is the case of


    one of the main components of MedPark. It collects the future creation of a Landscape Design Centre, in line with an environmental philosophy:
  • Land Art and Landscape. The initiatives are diverse, some of lower order, that are mentioned in this section. We advise users to relax
    • Flowers in the Campus An authentic exhibition of the flowers provided during the four seasons
    • Cactus.The collection of cactus on our campus is progressively growing.
    • The Stone Campaign. This campaign originated as an equivalent to the tree campaign
    • Fauna The campus has an increasing fauna, thanks to the green regeneration from the past years. The colony of birds is spectacular with our ducks at the Illustrated Forest. Several herons have been seen (very thing in the morning), there are squirrels that accompany our hedgehogs, rabbits, frogs, turtles and numerous fishes in the lakes. We accept photos of our fauna for our album.
    • Plants. Some of the most curious plants appear on campus. Many of these copies are donations of the Campaign of the Tree.
  • On-Campus Sculptures Little by little the campus is becoming decorated with works of the best sculptors. This is the case of the excellent piece by Arcadio Blasco, dedicated to the pioneers that worked in order to create our University. Also the gigantic hand by Pepe Díaz Azorín that expresses a homage to the University of Orihuela (1569-1824), remembering the efforts and wishes of teachers and school students from other centuries (Article of the prof. F. Miguel Pérez). Or Espai of llum, our dear "columns" prior to the ones of the Autonomous University of Barcelona by Andreu Alfaro. We must not forget that some of the best sculptures are the buildings themselves. Also, the University of Alicante Museum (MUA) is worth mentioning.
  • University Venues. The venues are representations of our university in our municipalites or different areas. At the moment these are: the venue in Pinoso represented by its lovely marble, the venue in Elche recalling our Archaeological Park of La Alcudia and the Lady of Elche in one of the most attractive places of our campus, or the venue of Europe, next to the University Auditorium. Soon we will expand our venues to other municipalities or to institutions such as the Olympic Movement.
  • Audiovisual website. In this Album there is a collection of all the previous photos, as well as photos of almost all the buildings on campus. Remember that a large part of them can be sent as postcards.
  • Awareness and Volunteering Actions:
    • The Green Office. Our students at the Council are very green. Here you will find some of the activities they organise, including the active participation in the tree campaign that will be explained below.
    • Donation of trees (The Tree Campaign). More than 2,000 trees have been donated since the beginning of this campaign in 1994. The campaign was opened with the donation of a sequoia by His Majesty the King Juan Carlos I.
    • Campus-Bike Project. On a good campus, bikes could never be a miss: the best aesthetic and environmental complement for a healthy life and a way to remove noisy and contaminated environments.  Miguel Indurain and Perico Delgado helps us in the beginning, we have claimed a bicycle lane, there are car parks, routes from the beach to the campus and even the security guards ride their bicycles and give trouser clips to the cyclists on campus.
  • Videos and Webcam
    • Audio Visual Portal. Here you will find beautiful images of our campus if you have installed the recommended programmes to be able to see videos on the Internet. We recommended you that you click on it and see the Institutional Video of the University. Also, we are preparing other videos: nature aerial videos of the campus.
    • Image workshop. Our image workshop of the University of Alicante has splendid images of our campus, filmed through the program campus.
  • Services
    • Gardening. The excellent team of gardeners that is managed by José Luis Romeu.
    • Maintenance. All of this entails a lot of hours and it must be kept in good condition. You can help us if you take advantage of this link and inform us how the service is working and if you observe an anomaly communicate it to us by means of this survey.
    • Planning and projects. The Technical and Planning Office at the University of Alicante (under construction).
    • Water Treatment Plant. Thanks to the active collaboration of the Institute of the Water and Environment, the campus projects a comprehensive water cycle which desalination plants already completely work off. It effectively contributes to the water supply and maximises the guarantee for periods of extreme drought.
    • Cartography and Information System. The University has one of the best applications in its systems of interactive cartographic information. You can  obtain maps of the campus and of the buildings and directions on how to get to them.
    • Disabled People. A page that intends to provide information on the installations to ensure easiness on our campus for people with disabilities.
    • Sign posts. Our campus hastake posts, so take advantage of them for directions.
    • Other services. All the services of the campus.
  • How visit the campus
    • Scheduled Visiting Programme for parents. If your son or daughter studies at the University of Alicante we can show you the campus at the weekend, try it!
    • Institutional visits. Please contact the Office for the Vice President for Institutional Relations.
    • Volunteering. Students interested in volunteering to show the campus to others can contact the Office of the Vice President
    • Services for the visitor. Interactive web page with a lot of useful information if you wish to visit the Campus.
  • Suggestions. Every contribution you can make.

Presentation of the University of Alicante

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