Campus Cardioprotegido


Map of the cardio protecteted spaces of the UA campus


The heart stops represents a problem of public health of the first magnitude: is produced each year in Spain more than 24,000 heart stops, with a 5 percent survival.

In this sense, only one in 20 people survive a cardiac arrest when it happens delivered in, which is the majority of cases, since more than 70% of these occur outside of hospitals.

Defibrillation is the only effective intervention that exists to treat heart failure. Quick access to defibrillation can increase the chances of survival in 3 out of 4 cases of cardiac arrest.

In this context include the fact that situations of health emergency, which, in our society, carry vital risks and require an immediate response, highlights, its impact and need for immediate response, the cardiorespiratory.

The most frequent cause of cardio in the adult, the delivered medium, is ventricular fibrillation.

The clinical and scientific evidence confirm that early defibrillation and CPR basic of quality, in the bosom of the chain of survival, is the most appropriate response and specific treatment of ventricular fibrillation, leading cause of deaths for sudden death in the first few minutes of an episode of acute myocardial infarction.

Faced with this reality since the University of Alicante and framed in the project of healthy University presents the Cardioprotegido Campus.

For this we have designed 7 clearly identified areas in which defibrillators (towers of defibrillation and portable defibrillators) are located and mobile (security service defibrillator) around the University campus and the training of personnel of the AU (PAS and security) in the management of the devices through the Protocol that allows the coordination of all resources to respond more adequate and effective at all times.

But this initiative goes beyond these measures, the backbone is with actions already initiated through prevention service or food and nutrition (ALINUA) recently inaugurated Cabinet and with others next implementation that will allow act not only preventive but also promoting habits and healthy behaviors in the University community, with the participation of different Active collectivecenters and services in a supportive way.

This is the comprehensive and integrated action insofar as an approach of all those aspects that is made in greater or lesser extent may have some kind of relationship with the cardiovascular protection and they are favored by many healthy assets that includes our campus. This allows you to configure a secure space as well as nice that approaches to the definition of Health Dr. Jordi Gol took place as "a way of life autonomous, supportive and joyful".