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World-wide day of HIV-AIDS




%u2018Healthy university' organise and sponsors diverse activities centred in the contagion of the HIV (Virus of Inmunodeficiencia Human) and of the SIDA (Syndrome of InmunoDeficiencia Purchased) with reason of the World-wide Day in front of the HIV-SIDA, 1 December. With a perspective based in the commitment of visibilizar and to follow strengthening the attitudes and the measures of prevention, also in the university community. We can frame our purpose employing slogans, that consider valid, of campaigns realised by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality %u201C The Sida is not something of the past, have it present " (2014) and " Detain the HIV is responsibility of all. Inform you and shares what know on HIV " (2010) Without forgetting the proposal of this year of the Conselleria of Sanitat Universal i Salut Publishes " Speak of the HIV, Speak of the infections of sexual transmission and act " (2016)
The investigation and the sanitary attention have improved the quality of life of the people affected. But, still in Spain a 25-30% of the people seropositivas the desconocen and estimates that more than half of the new infections proceeds of this no diagnosed group. Each day diagnose almost ten new cases in the national territory.

Healthy university, 22 November 2016

Interview in RadioEPS (29/11/2016): Director of Healthy University, M Teresa Romá and of the doctor Dª Elisa Fernández García, of the CIPS of Alicante


Diary of activities

1.- Forum Debates: we Speak of HIV , that will develop on 24 November , to the 18 hours in the Living room of Degrees Rector Ramón Martín Mateo (Faculty of Right of the University of Alicante) and organised by ACAVIH. Poster forum of debate
2.- Do you the proof of the HIV , 1 December 9:00h to 14:00h in the Hall of the Faculty of Sciences of the Health (University of Alicante). Professionals of the Centre of Information and Prevention of HIV and Infections of Sexual Transmission (CIPS). Informative triptych.
For more information in any another moment, can consult or realise the proof of the free HIV, of confidential form, calling to the 900 70 20 20 in schedule of 9:00 to 14:00 hours, or attending to the Centre of Information and Prevention of the SIDA and infections of sexual transmission nearer.
3.- Inform you , stand of Diversitat LGTB Alicante , 1 December 10 :00 to 14:00 h in the soportales of the General Library (University of Alicante).



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