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News published in November 2014
  • Friday, 28

    It also protects your health. He lives without toxic


    In the framework of the healthy University project and organized by Department of Sociology II and Vice-Rectorate of culture, sports and language policy, has had place the day protects your health. LIVE without toxic in the lounge of acts of 2 classrooms.

  • Thursday, 27

    The quality of the air in Alicante


    The pollution of the air in Alicante is reduced by the slowdown of construction, after surpassing the levels considered harmful for health in 2008.

    Read the article in the daily information on November 21, 2014.

  • Thursday, 20

    III World Day for the prevention of ulcers

    Healthy University joins the celebration of the world day III by the prevention of ulcers by pressure, which takes place today, 20 November. Throughout the day there will be a series of activities coordinated by the Professor of the Faculty of Sciences of the health Dr. José Verdú Soriano that is a member of the Committee Director of the national group for the study of ulcers by pressure and chronic wounds (GNEAUP)...

  • Friday, 14

    Day of healthy eating

    November 13 was held the day of healthy eating. Within the acts took place the Manifest power healthy reading / Mediterranean diet of the Valencian network of healthy universities and was presented the Guide to healthy food of the Valencian network of healthy universities.

    Also the video presentation of the University of Alicante as a healthy University arose.

  • Wednesday, 12

    Healthy gardens Miguel Hernandez of the University of Alicante

    November 13 will take place the presentation of the healthy gardens, as part of the healthy University project.

    On the link on this page you can find all the information on its mode of adjudication, maintenance time and other conditions.

    They may choose to do so students, PAS and PDI belonging to the Group of the University of Alicante.

  • Tuesday, 11

    Traduciendo ...

    On November 13 the University of Alicante celebrates the day of the Valencian network of healthy public universities on the healthy eating. For this purpose have been organized a series of events dedicated to educate the University community of the importance of food in health and well-being.

  • Thursday, 6

    Information about trips to countries in health risk or receipt of people at risk.

    Before the facts which come to occur around the Ebola disease from the Vice President for Campus and sustainability, through the service of prevention, we want to inform the University community to avoid unnecessary alarms and encourage the State of affairs and the health of all its members on the basis of the best scientific evidence available today.

    As he picks up the Ministry of health, social services and equality, the World Health Organization, in its statement of the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease in West Africa as an important international public health emergency, expressly said that there should be no general restriction of travel and international trade. Continue reading...

  • Tuesday, 4

    Visit to the State University of Rio de Janeiro

    José Ramón Martínez Riera, Director of occupational health and sustainability, presented, on his recent visit to the State University of Rio de Janeiro, the project of the University of Alicante, healthy University. The Brazilian University rectorial equipment makers expressed their interest in such an interesting project and requested more information in order to assess the implementation at their University.

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