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Inicio - News published in December 2016

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News published in December 2016
  • Wednesday, 7

    Objective campaign Zero

    Inside the Project Healthy University in this occasion, collaborate in the 'Objective Campaign Zero' that realises the Foundation Mapfre.
    This campaign has by purpose contribute to 'reduce to zero the victims of mortal accidents of circulation', concienciando on the factors of risk that can warn, as they are the avoid the consumption of drugs and alcohol when it drives .

    During the days 12 and 13 December, in schedule of 10 to 19 hours, in the Soportales of the General Library will install the stand in which the university community will be able to check two experiences, surprise and impactantes:
    1) Live the experience of an accident of motorbike, through the use of glasses of 360º, to the visionar a video that generates the feeling of first person and of the regrettable consequences that has.
    2) Check as they affect the senses with the consumption of the drugs or the alcohol and as it increases the time of answer or suppresses it. The experience re-creates with the use of a suit that simulates this situation. Will have a group of proofs to experience of direct form these limitations that ocasionan regrettable situations.

    The data of the General Direction of Traffic indicate that in 2015 produced 34.558 accidents of road with kill and died 1.248 people. To these figures it is necessary to add the 63.198 accidents that produce in urban roads with kill and in them also produced 441 demises . It indicates that 43% of the drivers died had consumed alcohol or drugs.

    Purchase consciousness on these risks and spread them to our known is another form to contribute to reduce the victims and the empty that leave us in our lives. Enjoy does not mean to put in risk our life or the one of the other. We expect that you go through the Stand 'Objective Campaign Zero'.

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