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Health is not a term referring exclusively to the person on an individual basis. Talk about health is to do it in the broadest sense of the Word as already expressed Dr. Jordi Gol when he defined it as "a way of life autonomous, supportive and joyful", although it may seem paradoxical given the situation that we live. We can not fall into the error that it can dispense with healthy habits and involve society in their achievement given that they generate health and ultimately increases the capacity to be productive for society. Therefore, the moments that we live, we believe that developing policies that take care of health and teach us healthy habits is to invest in the future and not an expense.  This is for talking about health from a participatory perspective, it activates, promoter and preventive. For all these reasons, and many more from the University of Alicante we wanted, not just to talk about health, if not acting on health. Healthy University project is now more than ever, not only desirable but necessary.

Because you need to generate a different way of addressing the individual and collective health in the University community. Because the University like crucible in education and research can and should incorporate health transversely. Because, in addition, the University of Alicante has very important healthy assets that allow backbone of healthy actions that are incorporated in a natural way and without major changes or economic investment. Because the University of Alicante has a population of active, dynamic and committed that allows to develop healthy strategies that do not just result in benefit of the University if that is not extensible to society. Because talking about healthy University — talk about environments and healthy people who generate promoters lifestyles of health, responsible and autonomous people with their individual health, collective actions solidarity and ultimately gains that limit the emergence of problems or the capacity to respond to them.

Food, physical exercise, accessibility, solidarity, education, research, the environment, recycling, sustainability, gender... are integrated, interrelated and interact in coordination with the healthy assets of the University of Alicante to build a life and coexistence in health that is perceived and lived naturally, committed and joyful by the University community.

The crisis and its consequences cannot be an excuse for inaction. Why the University of Alicante takes the challenge and committed to work to ensure that health is a goal, a longing and a good as well as a fundamental right, through the promotion of health and the participation of the community. To get that healthy College is a reality that goes beyond a desire or a slogan.


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