Saltar apartados

Green route



1. illustrated forest, pond and pine forests

2. square of Miguel Hernández, presided over by the bust of the poet (the city of Orihuela donation)

3. plaza de Europa, inaugurated by the President of the European Jacques Santer Commission, Doctor Honoris Causa of the UA in 1995.

4. corner of the poets.

5. ride connection, under the motorway, with the expansion of the Campus


6. commercial and Club Social II (arq.: Luis Martínez Planelles, 1994-1995)

7. Germán Bernácer building (Arch.: Javier García-Solera, 1994)

8. General library (arq.: Pedro Palmero and Samuel Torres, 1995)

9. Faculty of Economics and business (arq.: Antonio Fernández Alba, 1988)

10. Faculty of Health Sciences (arq.: Casares, Navarro and Ruiz, Franco, 1990)

11. Faculty of Derecho-Paraninfo (arq.: José Graso and Fernando Valderrama, 1980)

12. Faculty of science I and II and I Social Club (arq.: Pilar Vázquez, 1982-1987)

13. Faculty of philosophy and letters III (arq.: Zacarías González, 1993)

14. Centre of chemical technology (CTQ) (arq.: Alfredo Payá and Javier García-Solera, 1995)

15. technical services (with the water treatment plant)

16. aulario I (arq.: Casares, Navarro, Ruiz, Franco, 1989)

17. Security Control Center (arq.: Julio Lozano Muñoz, 2008)


18. sequoia donated by King Juan Carlos on 1994 (Faculty of law)

19. Gall (Quercus faginea) planted by the President of the European Commission, Jacques Santer, Doctor Honoris Causa by the UA in 1995 (Europe square)

20. Strawberry tree donated by the community of Madrid.

21. pergolas with bougainvillea plaza de Miguel Hernández

22. ancient woodland of the former military area: pines, eucalyptus, Casuarina, Palm trees, ficus, etc.

23. ficus religious, sacred in the India tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment.



24. commemoration of the battle of Almansa, the work of Antoni Miró (2011)

25. a star along the way, Rafael Carrió, 1995 (letters III)

26. musical instrument, Dionisio 1996, (lyrics III)

27. plurality, David Angelini's work, donated in 1996 by the network of foundations University of Spain (Faculty of Sciences)

28. columns entry in the illustrated forest (3 pairs), made with antique elements from the port of Alicante

29. Embassy of Elche: replica of the Lady of Elche and set of Palm trees (forest illustrated)



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