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1. rincon de los Poetas

2. America square

3 rock garden, dedicated to the memory of Professor of paleontology Jesús Caracuel

4 equal square



5. Museum of the University of Alicante, MUA, surrounded by a pond, one of the most famous Campus buildings internationally (arq.: Luis Payá, 1995)

6 commercial and Club Social II (arq.: Luis Martínez Planelles, 1994-1995)

Germán Bernácer building 7 (arq.: Javier García Solera,)

8. General library (arq.: Pedro Palmero and Samuel Torres, 1995)

9 social science building (Arch.: Javier Carvajal)

10 lecture II (arq.: Ramon Rosales, 1993)

11 Chancellor and General Service (g.: Álvaro Siza, 1997)

12 control tower and hangar of the old aerodrome

13 Faculty of economic and business sciences (arq.: Antonio Fernández Alba, 1988)

14 Faculty of Health Sciences (arq.: Casares, Navarro and Ruiz, Franco, 1990)

15. Social club I (arq.: Pilar Vázquez, 1987)

16 Aulari I (arq.: Casares, Navarro and Ruiz, Franco, 1989)


Elements of gardening:

17. the Palm Washingtonia robusta (the tallest tree of the Campus), coming from a plot of Alicante, in the courtyard of the Rectorate building

18. Mediterranean aromatic plants garden

19 Palmetum, with interesting specimens of Palms. Under the metallic structure of the old airfield hangar.

20 Cactario, with remarkable collection of Succulents.

21 ancient woodland of the former military area: pines, eucalyptus, Casuarina, Palm trees, ficus, etc.

22. from ficus Santa Pola of roundabout (next to the Palmetum)



23. harmony, José Ángel Merino, on the occasion of the international women's day of 2012 (gender Plaza)

24 drawing space, honoring the University of Orihuela, work of Antoni Azorín, 1998

25 monument in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Madrid on 11 March 2004

26 plaque in memory of the aviator and writer Antoine de Saint - Exupéry, on the occasion of the centenary of the arrival of the first plane to Alicante in this area (hangar)

27 plate tribute to Alonso Zamora Vicente, of the Royal Academy, on the occasion of his appointment as Doctor Honoris Causa by the UA (2002)

28 plate tribute to Mario Benedetti, accompanied by a copy of a palm of Uruguay (Butia capitata), planted by the same Benedetti

29. commemoration of the battle of Almansa, the work of Antoni Miró (2011)

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