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Programa de Formación VIH-ITS

It programs training "Volunteering Healthy University" (course 2017/18)

The program " Volunteering Healthy University" has the academic Recognition by cultural university activities, sportive, of representation estudiantil, solidarias and of cooperation', of 2 credits ECTS, for the academic course 2017-2018 (Council of Government of the UA: 26 October 2017).
We form part of the Plan of Volunteering WITH YOU+UA , that engages with the progress to a juster society and equitativa. This Plan is oriented to movilizar to the university community to promote his participation in programs of volunteering of social character, cultural and sportive, so much to community level like international.

Activity of the Program of Specific Training

Program of Specific Training "Volunteering Healthy University": An experience of active learning in relation with "the World-wide Day of the SIDA", 1 December 2017.
...Visualising the HIV and other ITS...

This proposal of innovation forms part of one of the cores of the program “of Volunteering Healthy University”, whose purpose is provides to the members of the university community the opportunity to increase his knowledges, attitudes and predisposition to the healthy lifestyles, as well as promote his role like agents promoters of health.
It poses a strategy of training/learning to attain an active intervention realised by students and for them, like population target and object of the intervention; without excluding to any another university community. Said intervention will develop in the common places of the campus of the UA and by where the university community is used to to concentrate his daily traffic of trip, between buildings or zones of esparcimiento.

Of this brief interaction between pairs (mainly student-student) expects achieve an atmosphere, near and very accessible, to facilitate an essential and effective information. Which allow to visualise and value, clearly, the personal risk to contract HIV and other ITS in all the situations in which it do not use , or have not used , protection. 
To participate in this program of specific training will obtain of 1 credit ECTS, inside the program “of Volunteering Healthy University” in the course 2017-2018 (Council of Government of the UA: 26 October 2017).
Dates    Activities Schedule Classroom
  Session of training: basic Contents.    
  Session of training: communicative Technician.    
  Work of field: Intervention between equal.    
  Evaluation of the intervention: Group of discussion.    


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