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The Library

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Renewals, loans , laptops, Refworks, reservations, applications, training, teaching resources, etc.

Information resources

Catalogue, databases, e-zines, personal collections, WorldCat, subject guides, RUA, European Data Centre, etc.

Get to know the library

Location, reference libraries, central units, public hours, directory, regulations, quality standards...

Specialised services

Training courses, support to research, to the teaching-learning process, CID and much more.

RUA - Institutional Repository

RUA offers digital full-text open access to documents generated by the University of Alicante's academic and research staff.

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Technological Resources Your Virtual Campus now in UA Cloud All the University of Alicante's electronic services can be found in the cloud

University WiFi

How to get connected

UA wireless network (eduroam) is an extension of the local network availbale in 99% of the Campus of San Vicente.

Computer Service


CAU - IT User HelpDesk


Open Data Portal

IRIS Network


This Service is in charge of publishing university research works with the aim of promoting their dissemination among the scientific community and society at large.

Latest publications

Comer saludablemente

Information guide, with examples, on the importance of communication when it comes to create healthy habits in nutrition education.

La Canal d'Alcoi

Located among the towns of Alcoi, Ibi and Xixona, it comprises two areas of enormous value: the Iberian village of Puig and La Sarga cave paintings.

Cómo se gestiona una ciudad

This book deals with the municipal management: budgets, real estate, energy, water, public transport and waste.

Useful information for students

Do you want to do an internship?

Do you need information on your  curricular training  or want to extend your education with  extracurricular internships ?

Do you want to do your internship abroad?

Internships abroad are ways to broaden your cultural horizons, improve your language skills and provide work and professional experience... Go for it !

Labour Integration Observatory / uaemprende

The UAemprende project is intended to promote entrepreneurship at the University of Alicante by making scientific knowledge available for new career opportunities.

Find here all you need to know and more. Get informed! More information