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Estrategias para el desarrollo de las competencias profesionales, bienestar emocional, coaching, corporalidad, comunicación y liderazgo

General information

Considering the competence approach as a training paradigm that involves people throughout their lives for their personal and professional development, in order to successfully respond to problems or needs arising in different contexts, the course offers training strategies to help them learn, rather than teaching, and to make the process by which a person is encouraged to manage successfully the achievement of their personal and professional goals easier, from Positive Psychology, Coaching and Body Psychotherapy, leadership shared management, social networking. All this is to work the integral development of the person: heart, mind and body, and thus, promoting career success apart from personal competence.

  • Date: from 8 to 10 July 2014
  • Place: University Venue in Alicante city
  • Coordination: Asunción Lledó  Carreres, lecturer at the UA Department of Developmental Psychology & Teaching Methods.
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours: 30
  • Fee:
    • Students, unemployed: €90 
    • General: €110 
  • Working language: Spanish / Catalan
  • Admission requirements: students of the University of Alicante or any other person interested
  • Requirements for obtaining a certificate: attendance at 80% of the sessions, an abstract for each of the lectures and personal assessment of the topics dealt with.


Tuesday, 8 July

9 am to 2 pm.  Psicología Positiva, Fortalezas y Virtudes Personales, Bienestar, Felicidad.
La inteligencia Socioemocional como habilidad para el éxito.
Competencias profesionales.
Teresa María Perandones González. Profesora Colaboradora Honorífica  UA.

3 pm to 5 pm.  Auto-avaluació i aprenentatge del lideratge compartit. (Se impartirá en valenciano)
Asunción Lledó Carreres. UA. Titular de Universidad.
Fernando Javier Fernández López. UA. Asociado LOU.

5 pm to 8 pm. Aplicacions de les Xarxes Socials: Glogster,  Linkedin, Facebook.Caracterització de les Xarxes Socials. (Se impartirá en valenciano)
Xarxes Socials més utilitzades.
Gonzalo Lorenzo Lledó. UA. 

Wednesday; 9 July

9 am to 2 pm. Coaching evolución y concepto.Tipos de coaching. El coaching y las competencias profesionales.
Isabel Gómez Barreto. Universidad Castilla-La Mancha. Doctora. Asocida UCLM.

3 pm to 8 pm. Corporabilidad. La satisfacción corporal: percepciones y su rol en las relaciones sociales.
Pedro Gil Madrona. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. Titular de Universidad

Thursday, 10 July

9 am to 2 pm. El método del coatching: objetivos-acciones-competencias. Preguntaqs poderosas.
Isabel gómez barreto. University of Castille-La Mancha. Ph.D. Associate at UCLM

3 pm to 8 pm El lideratge compartit i contributiu: un repte per a la gestió educativa. (Se impartirá en valenciano).
Fernando Javier Fernández López. UA. Asociado LOU.
Asunción Lledó Carreres. UA. Titular de Universidad.


Registration instructions

If the number of students registered does not reach the minimum established, the University of Alicante may decide to cancel the course.


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