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Integración comunitaria y construcción de la ciudadania

General information

The course will cover the European integration process as an important achievement before the aggressive and bellicose nationalisms that have defined the prior history of our continent, and also as a developmental factor for a citizenship based on human rights and tolerance. From a multidisciplinary approach, The European integration process,  its institutional system, the construction of the single currency and the participation of Spain in this process will be analysed from a multidisciplinary approach. A guided tour around the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market, based in Alicante, is also included in this course.


  • Date: from 1 to 3 July 2014
  • Place: University Venue in ALicante city
  • Coordinators: Salvador Forner Muñoz. Jean Monnet Chair. University of Alicante / Heidi Senante Berendes. Senior lecturer at the University of Alicante
  • Credits: 1
  • Hours: 15
  • Fee:
    • Students, unemployed: €60
    • General: €80 
  • Working language: Spanish
  • Admission requirements: students of the University of Alicante or any other person interested
  • Requirements for obtaining a certificate: attendance at 80% of the sessions, an abstract for each of the lectures and personal assessment of the topics dealt with.


Tuesday, 1 July 

11.30 am- 1.30 pm  Los fundamentos de la Unión Europea.
Salvador Forner Muñoz. Catedrático Jean Monnet. Universidad Alicante
4.30 pm- 6.30 pm  El desarrollo del proceso comunitario.
Luis Domínguez de Castro.  Universidad de Vigo
6.30 pm- 8.30 pm  El euro y la Unión Europea de Maastricht.
Sara González. Catedrática Jean Monnet. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Wednesday, 2 July

9 am -11 am  La ciudadanía europea.
Heidi Senante Berendes. Profesora Titular de la Universidad de Alicante
11.30 am- 1.30 pm  El marco institucional de la Unión Europea.
Carlos Molina del Pozo. Catedrático Jean Monnet. Universidad de Alcalá de Henares.
5.30 pm-7.30 pm España y la integración comunitaria.
Salvador Forner Muñoz .

Thursday, 3 July

OHIM guided tour
9.30 am -12.30 pm Guided tour to OHIM.
Salvador Forner Muñoz and Heidi Senante Berendes.


Registration information

If the number of students registered does not reach the minimum established, the University of Alicante may decide to cancel the course.


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