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Com aprenem en un món digital? Els entorns personals d'aprenentatge: experiències en català

General information

According to Jordi Adell & Linda Castañeda (2010), Personal Learning Environments (PLE) is a set of tools, services, relationships, connections and interactions that we could use regularly and encourage our learning. PLE is currently associated with Web 2.0 because it is through the Internet that we can have comprehensive, dynamic, connected PLE with many services easily accessible. The focus on PLE of this course is twofold: make teachers aware of the importance of improving their PLE as the same time as they make their students improve their own PLE. The ultimate goal is to ensure that ICTs are part of Catalan teaching methodologies in particular and of languages in general. In this course, we will try to achieve this goal based on the active learning experiences of teachers from different educational levels. This course is, in the end, a good opportunity to discover the most innovative trends in the teaching-learning process of the Catalan language.

  • Date: from 8 to 10 July 2014
  • Place: Salón de Grados Alfredo Orts, Facultad de Óptica, Campus de la Universidad de Alicante
  • Coordinators: Sandra Montserrat, senior lecturer at UA Department of Catalan Studies / Pep Hernàndez, teacher at "El Valle" School (Madrid)
  • Credits: 3 LRU / 3 ECTS (validable por 3 créditos para la Capacitació o el Diploma de Mestre en Valencià)
  • Hours: 30
  • Fee:
    • Students, unemployed applicants: €90 
    • General: €110 
  • Working language: Catalan
  • Admission requirements: students of the University of Alicante or any other person interested. Students should bring with them a device with Wi-Fi connection (pc, mobile phone, tablet, etc.)
  • Requirements for obtaining a certificate: attendance at 80% of the sessions and oral presentation (video) of a question asked on the topic of the course. Instructions will be given at the start of the course. The course directors will be responsible for evaluating the presentations.

Programme -Brochure

Tuesday, 8 July

9 am-10 am. Presentation of the course by 
Carles Cortés Orts, Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policy at UA 
Sandra Montserrat, senior lecturer at UA Department of Catalan Studies
Pep Hernàndez, teacher at "El Valle" School (Madrid)

10 am-12 noon. Ponència Inaugural: El concepte d’entorn personal d’aprenentatge (PLE).
Jordi  Adell. Senior lecturer of the Area of Teaching Methods and School Organisation, at the Department of Education. Jaume I University (UJI) in Castellon.
12 noon-2 pm. Entorns innovadors d'aprenentatge presencials i virtuals.
Jordi Jubany. Teacher. Antropologists and ICT Advisor 

3.30 pm-6 pm. Els PLE a primària: una experiència.
M. Carmen Devesa. Teacher at "Voramar" public school in Alicante
6 pm-8.30 pm. Les tecnologies mòbils i l'ensenyament de la llengua? El cas del mobile storytelling,
Mar Camacho. Senior lecturer at the Departament of  Pedagogy. Faculty of Education Sciences and Psychology at Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona.

Wednesday, 9 July

9 am-11.30 am. EmPLEna't de llengua! Comunica't i gestiona el teu entorn personal d'aprenentatge.
Carme  Bové. Head of Teaching at the Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística i consultora de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.
11.30 am-2 pm. El PLE ple de recursos i connexions: del que és formal al que és informal.
Rosabel Roig. Senior lecturer at UA Department of General & Specific Didactics.

3.30 pm-6 pm. Els treballs per projectes: aprofitant nous recursos (PDI, lapbooks).
Susana Massó. Teacher and tutor, coordinator of the 2n Cicle del CEIP Rajoletes de Sant Joan d’Alacant.
6 pm-8.30 pm. Construint PLEs per a ensenyar i aprendre llengua i literatura.
Cristina Sarrió. Secondary Education teacher and Coordinator of the 2n year of upper secondary education at Immaculada government-assisted school in Alicante.

Thursday, 10 July

9 am-11 am. Aprendre sabent el que s'aprén i per a què s'aprén: Entorns personals d'aprenentatge amb alumnat de Primer Cicle d'ESO.
Pep Hernández. Teacher of "El Valle" School (Madrid)
11 am-1.30 pm. Com prEPArar un portafolis i mantenir-lo PLE
Josep M. Escolano. Secondary education teacher of Catalan Language and Literature at IES Doctor Balmis in Alicante) and associate lecturer at the Department of Catalan Studies (Universitat d'Alacant)

3 pm-4 pm. Entorns personals d'aprenentatge del professorat de llengua i literatura catalanes.
Carles Segura. Professor del Departament de Filologia Catalana (Universitat d’Alacant)
4 pm-6.30 pm. De l'aprenentatge informal als MOOC en la configuració del nostre EPA.
José  Rovira. Professor ajudant LOU del Departament d'Innovació i Formació Didàctica.
Robert Escolano. Culture and Languages Service. Universitat d'Alacant.
6.30 pm-8.30 pm. Closing ceremony and handing in of certificates.

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If the number of students registered does not reach the minimum established, the University of Alicante may decide to cancel the course.



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