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General information

"El casc" is a festival that intends to reactivate social and urban textures, establishing a small testing field dedicated to the study of the urban, social, cultural and technological problems and potentials.

The festival will consist on developing a series of workshops, conferences and activities for 10 hours during the summer, within a playful atmosphere which will encourage learning and the creativity of participants.

The workshops will consist on making small architectonic presentations and artistic, sociocultural or technological interventions at a low cost that can be established in the future as an example for urban regeneration and social reactivation. 

The objective of the analysis is to give value to the characteristics of historic-cultural heritage, the intensification of its potential and its recuperation as a backbone element for local development. 

  • Management: Fernando Navarro Carmona / Antonio Martínez Puche
  • Credits: 75 hours / 7,5 credits LRU / ECTS (pendientes de confirmación). The UA recognises a maximum of 6 credits
  • Date: from 23 July to 1 August (awaiting confirmation)
  • Price:
    • General 190€.
    • General pre-ordered (until 20 June) 150€.
    • Villena Residents or without accommodation 75€ (maximum 30)
  • Place: Explanada norte del Castillo de Villena e información en: o C/ La Tercia, nº 12, 03400 Villena
  • Sign-up requirements: open to all audiences.
  • Diploma or certificate requirements: 80% attendance to the workshops and sessions, work activities and summaries for the work done. 
  • Lingua Franca: Spanish and English
  • Accommodation: registered students have the possibility of staying at the inn for free. If you´re interested you must book a room when you register for the course. 


23 July 2015 (3h)

-Opening ceremony

Fernando Navarro, director del Curso
D. Antonio Martínez Puche, director Sede Universitaria (UA)
Doña Eva Valero, directora Secretariado Sedes Universitarias (UA)
Doña Mercedes Menor Céspedes, concejala de Turismo del Ayto. Villena
Don Pablo J. Martínez Catalá, concejal de Juventud del Ayto. Villena

-Popular dinner in the explanada norte del castillo
-Workshop presentation
-Participants registration for the workshops

24 July 2015 (8h)

Morning: Gymkhana participativa – Historia del centro histórico

Afternoon: Encalijá

25 July 2015 (8h)

Morning: Mesas sectoriales #1

Afternoon: Talleres

26 July 2015 (8h)

Morning: Talleres

Afternoon: Talleres

27 July 2015 (8h)

Morning: Mesas sectoriales #2

Afternoon: Talleres

28 July 2015 (8h)

Morning: Salida de campo – Centro histórico Castalla

Afternoon: Salida de campo – Pou Clar

29 July 2015 (8h)

Morning: Talleres

Afternoon: Talleres

30 July 2015 (8h)

Morning: Mesas sectoriales #3

Afternoon: Talleres

31 July 2015 (8h)

Morning: Talleres

Afternoon: Talleres

01 August 2015 (8h)

Morning: Results

Afternoon: Swimming pool

Evening: Video presentation


If the number of registered students does not exceed the minimum established, the University of Alicante can decide not to carry it through.




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