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ESO EN FEMENINO. Materiales con perspectiva de género para trabajar en Secundaria

General information

1.- Our goal is to give visibility to women and their contribution to several disciplines adopting an equal perspective in secondary school
2.- Provide teaching staff with practical tools to create female models in order to use them in the classroom in the field of Humanities
3.- Help teachers realize the lack of women in high school teaching materials and try to change this situation

  • Management: Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga
  • Credits: 15 hours / 1,5 credits LRU / ECTS
  • Diploma ICE / CEFIRE: 20 hours
  • Date: from 18 to 20 July 2016
  • Price: students, unemployed: 40€. General: 60€. Free of charge for teachers enrolled in CEFIRE..
  • Place: Avda. Chapí, 36. 03600 Elda
  • Sign-up requirements: secondary school teachers, postgraduate students, gender and equality mediators and any other person interested
  • Diploma or certificate requirements: 85% class attendance and hand-in of a report
  • Lingua franca: Spanish and Valencian
  • More information for teachers of the Valencian Region Government (GVA) in the following link of CEFIRE


Monday 18th July 2016

9.00-10.00    Presentación. Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga (castellano) 
10.00-12.00  Historia del Arte Bachillerato.  Elvira Sanjuán Sanjuán (valenciano y castellano) 
12.00-14.00  Lengua y Literatura ESO. Marta Blanco Fernández (castellano)   

Tuesday 19th July 2016

9.00-11.00    Lengua y Literatura ESO. Talleres. Marta Blanco Fernández (castellano)
11.00-13.00  Historia ESO. Elvira Sanjuán Sanjuán (valenciano y castellano) 
13.00-14.00  Debate. Puesta en común. Marta Blanco Fernández y Elvira Sanjuán Sanjuán

Ancillary activity for those students who apply for ICE or CEFIRE certificate.

16:00-21:00: Activity aimed at analysing the permanent exhibition, discussion workshop and non-sexist language proposal of the Archaeological Museum in Elda. Marta Fernández Blanco y Elvira Sanjuán Sanjuán e Inmaculada Fernández Arrillaga.

Wednesday 20th July 2016

9.00-11.00    Propuestas fechas significativas. Elvira Sanjuán Sanjuán (castellano)
11.00-13.00  Presentación materiales elaborados en talleres. Elvira Sanjuán Sanjuán y Marta Blanco Fernández
13.00-14.00  Conclusiones. Elvira Sanjuán Sanjuán, Marta Blanco Fernández


If the number of registered students does not exceed the minimum established, the University of Alicante can decide not to carry it through









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