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Introducció als estudis culturals (on-line)

General information

This course intends to improve professional practice within Social Work in the field of health and dependency by showing innovative experiences of community intervention and intervention with people and their families.

  • Management: M. Àngels Francés Díez
  • Credits: 20 hours / 2 credits LRU / ECTS
  • Date: from 3 to 21 July 2017
  • Price: students, PDI/PAS UA, alumniUA and unemployed: 60€. General: 90€
  • Place: on-line Campus Virtual de la Universidad de Alicante UA CLOUD
  • Sign-up requirements: Undergraduate students related to Humanities and Social Sciences (Humanities, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Translation and Interpreting, Languages and Literature, Teaching, Journalism). Any person interested in society and modern culture studies
  • Diploma or certificate requirements: participation during the meetings, discussions and a report submission
  • Lingua Franca: Valencian. All meetings will be in Valencian even though some of the documents may be in Spanish or English. Students may submit their report in either Spanish, Valencian or English. During discussions Valencian or Spanish may be used


The stated hours do not imply attendance. It is the approximate time which is needed to prepare each unit. The dates stated refer to the moment each unit will be started.

Lunes 3 de julio – miércoles 5 de julio (4h)
1. Els estudis culturals: referents teòrics per a una aproximació crítica i multidisciplinària a l’anàlisi de la cultura. Antoni Maestre Brotons

Jueves 6 de julio – viernes 7 de julio (3h)
2. La psicoanàlisi com a teoria crítica d’anàlisi de la subjectivitat i la societat. Poder, ideologia i discurs. Antoni Maestre Brotons

Lunes 10 de julio – miércoles 12 de julio (4h)
3. Gènere i sexualitat en la cultura: estudis de gènere. M. Àngels Francés Díez

Jueves 13 de julio – viernes 14 de julio (3h)
4. La crítica postcolonial i els estudis subalterns. M. Àngels Francés Díez

Lunes 17 de julio – miércoles 19 de julio (3h)
5. Cultura popular, cultura de masses, contracultura i subcultures. Irene Mira

Jueves 20 de julio - viernes 21 de julio (3h)
6. L’espai com a categoria d’anàlisi cultural. Irene Mira



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Courses may be cancelled if the minimum number of participants is not reached.


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