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While "evidence based practice" is a common request for health promotion and public health interventions, it is often "practice based evidence" which is missing for sustainable change. Participatory Action Research (PAR) is an approach or research paradigm which fills this gap. Instead of controlling and regulating the influence of communities on the interventions, it systematically integrates the participants in the process of determining the needs, planning the intervention, implementation and evaluation. However, this has several theoretical, methodological, and practical implications which need to be taken into consideration.

PAR aims at increasing the ownership of communities on the social determinants of their health by their participation in research and intervention. PAR does not research "what is" but "how can we become". Doing PAR means being involved with communities and not just observing them. This requires substantial reflections about oneself as a whole person, one's own positionality. In this workshop we start this journey with reflecting our own positionalities. Then we follow the public health action cycle and experience and discuss the implications of fully participation of participants’ impacts on the different steps.

PAR is a lively and engaging approach. This will be reflected in the way how we will work over the 2 days. We will share, try, and experience different approaches, strategies and methods. If you have own projects and ideas, it is very much welcomed to discuss them in the course.

  • Director: Carlos Álvarez-Dardet Díaz
  • Department: Community Nursing, Preventive Medicine and Public Health and History of Science
  • Length of the course: 2 days (20 hours)
  • Credits: 20 hours / 2 credits ECTS
  • Date: from April 20 to April 22, 2018
  • Venue: University of Alicante campus. Social Sciences building, basement level. "Concepción Arenal" Seminar
  • Admission requirements: Students, professors and professional of Sciences of the Health. Minimum level B1 in English
  • Requirements for obtaining the diploma or certificate: assistance to 80% of the sessions and presentation by heart
  • Fees: General 250 euros. General with accommodation 375 euros
  • All the classes are taught in English


Program 2018


  • CARLOS ÁLVAREZ-DARDET. University of Alicante
  • DR. ARND HOFMEISTER. Liverpool University




15.00-17.30        1. section:  Foundational assumptions of PAR and other public health research paradigms (PAR in feminist theory and community development - avoiding dominance and domination; logic of research vs. logic of practice (Bourdieu) - mediating expectations; are we talking about the same things - discussing with experts and lays)

17.30-20.00         2. Section: Collaboratively developing "Research and Intervention Designs":  Who belongs to the PAR project, stakeholder inclusion and exclusion; defining problems and assets, formulating "Research Questions"; sampling strategies)



9.00-11.30           3.Section: Methods and technics of data collection: survey feedback, activating interviewing, open space, photo voice, experiencing and reflecting the use of tools

11.30-13.00        4. Section: Discussing results. How to analyse, present and communicate results with and to participants/communities?

15.00-17.00        5. Section: Ethics & Rigour in PAR

17.00-20.00        Examples from participants, the way ahead



9.00-15.00           field visit



  • Pre-registration and registration information

If the number of students enrolled in the course does not exceed the minimum University of Alicante can resolve the non-celebration of the course.


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