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general registration information

General information

  • Registration process will be available online and consist of with different phases: pre-registration, registration, payment of the invoice (except for free activities) and submission of documentation, if required.

Please, read the following information carefully before starting the pre-registration process

1. Pre-registration 

  • Starts: 15 May 2017
  • Ends: when all available seats have been filled or three working days before the course starts.
  1. If you are interested in registering for a summer course you will have to fil out the pre-registration form, select the option "Specialization courses and academic activities orientated to the education" and choose the course you want to join. Once the form has been fully completed, a confirmation screen will appear.
  2. If you forgot your password or can’t have access to your email address or UACloud, an automatized system for password retrieval and renewal of will grant you a new password to enter UACloud. You will need to use your personal email address, which you had previously provided the University. Password reset link:
  3. You will receive a confirmation email with a reference number in the email address you have provided in the pre-registration form. Save it, you will need it later. If you do not receive this email, we recommend you to go back to the form again and make sure you inserted a valid email address. In the event you lost your reference number, go back to the form, insert your ID card number and request it again.
  4. Admission to pre-registration application will be granted the following working day. If you received the confirmation email for your pre-registration, wait until you have received the admission email in order to register.

from other universities and unemployed people will have to submit documentation confirming their situation during pre-registration. After doing so in section DOCUMENTATION of the pre-registration form, reduced fees will apply during registration process.

Underage students: a parental consent form will be attached during pre-registration.

2. Registration and receipt payment

If any of these messages appear on the screen while registering for a course:
- ONLY FOR STUDENTS WITH B1 FOREIGN LANGUAGE EXAM AND LANGUAGE COMPETENCE AND ACCREDITATION. If you are entitled to any of these benefits, select the discount. You may prove it in the Mobility Office (B1) or in the Linguistic Policy Service (Competence) if you have not done it yet.
- Date: August – All day long
ignore them, this is a standard form for any course lasting less than 200 hours.

Si unas vez realizada la matrícula y el pago al entrar a UACloud ves un aviso de que no estás matriculada/o, que termines el proceso no hagas caso es debido al cambio de fechas del curso académico.

No es necesario hacer llegar el recibo del pago a la secretaria de Cursos de Verano , es un mensaje que sale por defecto al terminar el proceso.

  1. Once the secretary’s office has admitted your pre-registration application, you will be sent an email with the instructions on how and when to register. Please, check this email address regularly in order to register before the deadline expires. This information will also be sent to the email address you provided in the pre-registration form.
  2. The admission email will contain your access data for UACloud, a platform you need to use in order to complete your registration. The registration period will be stated in this email. 
  3. Once you have completed the registration process, an invoice will appear. You will have to pay the amount within the dates stated in the invoice – or at least before the course starts. You may pay through your virtual campus with your credit card. The invoice is available in the section Invoice payments in UACloud. If you are entitled to reduced fees, you have to submit documents proving your situation to the secretary’s office if you have not done it yet.

3. Required documentation and contact data

If you did not submit these documents during pre-registration, you will have to do it during registration or at least before the course starts.

 Find below a list with the documents you need to submit:

If this is the first time you register at the University of Alicante, you need to send a copy of your ID card or residence permit (NIE for foreigners)
- If you are the beneficiary of reduced fees due to unemployment, you need to submit documents proving your situation.
- If you are a student of an official degree, you need to send this year’s documents proving registration or the university fees receipt. (UA students do not need to do this).

Special admission requirements for summer courses will be explained in detail either in the pre-registration screen or in the course’s general information.

When and how to submit the required documents

-During pre-registration, using the form provided.
-Via email, including your name, surname, ID card number and the course you have registered for and send it to: , tel. (+34) 965 90 39 79

For any enquiries, please contact us via any of these email addresses:

Campus at Sant Vicent del Raspeig: , telephone: 965 90 39 79
Alicante Town University Venue: , telephone: 965 14 53 33 - 965 14 59 59
La Marina-Benissa University Venue: , telephone 965 73 35 62
Biar University Venue: , telephone 965 90 39 79
Cocentaina University Venue: , telephone 965 59 02 14
Elda University Venue: , telephone 965 90 39 79
La Nucía University Venue: , telephone 965 90 39 79
Orihuela University Venue:, telephone 966 73 80 41
Petrer University Venue:, telephone 966 98 94 00 ext. 350
Villena University Venue: , telephone 966 15 08 48
Alcoy, L’Alcúdia or Crevillent University Venue: , telephone 965 90 39 79

Fees refund

Applications for fees refund will not be accepted once the course has started.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have not received the email confirming pre-registration.

Enter the form again and make sure you inserted a valid email address. You will need the reference code of the screen shot displayed after pre-registration.

  • I have lost my pre-registration reference number.

Go back to the form, insert your ID card number and request it again. Please, note that this reference number will be sent to the email address you provided in the pre-registration form, which should be a valid email account.

  • I have not received the email confirming admission.

The deadline for applications may vary from one day to several weeks depending on the course. If you received an email confirming your pre-registration, wait for the admission email.

  • I can’t have access with my Virtual Campus password.

If you could access the University of Alicante’s online services previously and changed your original password, the password you received will not be valid. In the event you forgot your original password, you may ask for it by using our contact data.

  • Can I pay the fees by instalments?

Our system only supports a lump sum payment.

  • The invoice is "empty", the amount is zero euros.

Check that you selected the right course during registration.

  • How can I submit the documents proving my right to reduced fees?

Preferably by using the form during pre-registration. If you missed this step, you can also submit it using our contact data.

  • I did the registration and I can’t find my invoice for the payment.

The invoice will be accessible through the Virtual Campus (Invoice Payments-Issued receipts).

  • Where can I make the payment?

Through your Virtual Campus using your bankcard, in any ATM of the following banking entities: BANCO DE SANTANDER (4B), BANCO SABADELL CAM, CAJAMURCIA-BMN, or through these entities’ online banking services.



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