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International courses · Registration

General information

  • The process of registration will be done online and will consist of the following phases: pre-registration, payment of the receipt (except for free courses), confirmation of the registration and delivery of the documentation (if required).

Please, read the following information carefully before starting the pre-registration

1. Pre-registration

  • Start: January, 2021
  • End: until the course is full, or 3 working days before the start of the course.
  1. Those interested in enrolling in a summer course have to, in the first place, pre-register using the following form, and choose the course of their interest.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email of your pre-registration along with the instructions to make the registration payment. This information will be received in the email address you have given in the pre-registration form. Should you not receive the email, go back to the form and make sure that you have provided an acceptable email address.

2. Registration and receipt payment

  1. Once the registration payment has been made, you shall have to let us arrive the banking receipt to to
  2. Once we have checked the entry of the taxes, you will receive an email confirming your registration.
  3. If you are a UA student or unemployed, do not forget to send the documentation that confirms it to the Office.

3. Required documentation and contact details

If you did not hand in the documentation when sending the payment receipt, you shall have to do it before the start of the course.

We offer you a summary of the general documentation to be handed in:

- If you have discounts due to unemployment, will shall to submit a photocopy of  your unemployment card.

- If you are a UA student, you shall submit a photocopy of your University Identity Card (UIC).

When and how to send the required documentation.

Through an email along with the payment receipt, stating your name, surname, ID number, and the course, to the following direction:

Telephone: 965909 424.

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