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Estimated/you mates/you:

Lately it is observing an increase in the incidences of users demanding the existence of vehicles wrongly estacionados that they involve a risk, so much for the correct application of the plans of autoprotección of the campus and for the access and exit of users of the buildings and of the parkings, and/or the circulation on foot/bicycle of the users in the zone peatonal.

In this sense, from the Monday 9 of March 2009, will proceed to carry a register of all those vehicles wrongly estacionados, for which has established a new format of poster of warning (including the date of the infracción and the number of matrícula of the vehicle) that will involve that, after three infracciones, warn to the crane for his withdrawal and, in his case, apply the corresponding sanction.

In any case, the Service of Security will give warning to the Local Police of Sant Vicent of the Raspeig so that it withdraw immediately, without need to expect to the three infracciones, to all those vehicles estacionados in squares of disabled if it does not have of the correct permission, and those vehicles estacionados in zones that involve a risk for the application of the plans of autoprotección, as, for example, vicinities of exits of emergency, steps of pedestrians, accesses to buildings, etc.

We expected of all/you the main collaboration to avoid this type of situations.


Vicerrectorado Of Infrastructures, Spaces and Environment


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