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One of the main reasons to justify the institutional action of this Office is to ensure that students have a complete training that allows them to become employed according to their education level. In order to achieve these objectives it is essential for students to be involved in the training process as well as with the governing bodies at the University. Student involvement is important in order to make decisions that affect the university policy, and especially in those decisions that are related to academic activity. For this, a smooth communication between students and the Office of the Vice President for Students and Employment is maintained through the Students’ Council, delegations, associations, course delegates etc. as well as facilitating and valuing students’ social commitment in collaborative actions and promoting solidarity and sustainability values. 

The Office of the Vice President for Students and Employment is in charge of channeling information and guiding students from the phase before they access university until they become former students after graduating. 

The objective is to provide a wide range of activities aimed at future students by offering them information on the University and on the large choice of degrees that can be taken at the University of Alicante. 

Another crucial aspect for students during the training process at this University is work experience in local or foreign companies. In order to achieve maximum efficiency in this aspect, it is essential that all faculties and schools are coordinated so that programmes are developed according to the specifications of the current study plan. 

By improving communication, student employment is easier to achieve through employment guidance courses as well as appealing job offers and establishing a virtual fair for jobs which has been one of the biggest recent challenges. 

Establishing mechanisms and spaces for a smooth relation with former students should be a commitment so that all former students still feel at home at the University and cooperate to continue improving our degrees. 

Finally, removing economic and student access obstacles are other competence aspects that this Office is developing

Nuria Grané Teruel

Vice President for Students and Employment







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